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About this blog

I just tell you about my day sometimes

Entries in this blog


Very Tired

Up till 4am last night studying for finals, to then get up and go out of town to the dentist. Didn't get much sleep.    Found out the dental surgery I need(wisdom teeth removal) will be pretty expensive and I can't afford it any time soon.    My mom is getting married soon, and I have to be there, and I have to have enough to travel there.   I can't afford a $600 dental surgery right now! Hell, it's more like $3000, but insurance covers some of it. Not all, I guess.




Thanksgiving was okay

So I worked that day, it was day 9 of 9. Then I went to my family's house and had Thanksgiving food, such as mashed potatoes and pies. Then I went to my friend's house, and had pizza and beer.   I don't like Thanksgiving really, I don't really think it has an admirable history and I don't like turkey. So every year, I have pizza, then it's less Thanksgiving-like.    I hung out with my friend for three hours. Then another friend came to his house, and he asked me to leave. I d



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