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Back to life, Back to making ASM Great again.

Lord Grep


Well. I have tried starting a blog before, but at the moment I think that talking to myself is probably just as useful as posting on AVEN


I have just started work on the main site, and also on something I have been threatening to do for a long time. That's as much as I want to say about it, so yeah. It's hush hush. If you want to help out with a thing you know nothing about, then hey drop me a line.


The events of the past couple of weeks would normally see me running to the hills, or rather back underneath my little rock. This time though, I am not going to do that. 


I am going to do my best to learn from my mistakes, and this time I am going to try and be a bit more popularist, and I have an idea that I think will really bring in the crowds. 


So At the moment I am working on the main site, the front page, and I am trying to think of a way I can bring back AceTimes... I know it wouldn't work having the satirical tabloid news on the front page of what is supposed to be a serious site.. mmm... Any way... 


So at the moment I am doing my least favourite part of trying to put a static site together using wordpress, it's the finding a theme part. God WordPress is one of those fucking irritating bits of software that makes our that it's free, and that there are free themes, etc, but the second you find something that you like, and that works in the way that you want it to, boom, just about the time when you start putting the first few pages of content together, and start adding it to the theme you discover that you have to pay for it to do anything else other than displaying the demo BS that is already there. 


The other thing you see when you are choosing a theme is how pretty it all looks, with all those pictures for everything... But wait a minute there young grasshopper, all those generic images look great in the demo site, but in real life you are either going to have to take some pictures or use naff stock images, all of which really don't work for an asexual site. What we need is less flashy, and more well presented minimalism, and that as it happens is much harder to pull off ( said the actress to the bishop) . 


So I have been tentatively writing stuff which isn't actually that easy. I mean it's easy to answer a forum post and waffle on about asexuality, and inclusionism while you are on a forum, but it's surprisingly hard to try and explain what ASM is to people who bump into the site for the first time, also trying to say what group you are supposedly representing while also saying that ASM has opened up the definitions of certain things argh... Now I remember why it was I kept running away from doing this shit. 


Any way. I am done for the night. I am going to try and keep this place going a bit more. I know no one actually reads this place at the moment, so it could be fun keeping this place going, and no body knowing it's here. I could be really rude about some of you and I think it would be months before anyone discovered it... Maybe I should start a bit of light heated piss taking here see who figures it out first. Hey do me a favour, if you find this place, and my little rants, keep it to yourself, don't tell anyone on the main forum OK? It'll be our little secret. 











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