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To Those Antagonistic Toward Trans People.



For those who aren't so comfortable with trans people: What would you have people do?

Would you have trans people accept the sex/gender on their birth certificate? Well, that clearly doesn't work. Would you have trans people undergo cognitive or behavioral therapy? Would that work given that trans people don't accept what is on their birth certificate? Or, would it simply cause a lot of frustration and anger?

For trans girls/women: Do you want them to undergo hormone therapy? Okay. What if the brain releases a lot of aromatase, thereby metabolizing the testosterone to estradiol? An aromatase inhibitor your say? What if the testosterone receptors in the brain are degraded or the brain has another form of testosterone insensitivity/resistance? What if the added  testosterone causes the brain to prune/destroy testosterone receptors? What if the testosterone doesn't even cross the blood/brain barrier? What if the increase in testosterone increases the chance of testicular cancer to the point where it becomes a reality which then makes necessary an orchiectomy (which is a part of M.T.F. transition) which then crashes testosterone levels?

And for trans guys, what if their brains have an insensitivity/resistance to estradiol?


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