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  1. Today
  2. Sure, they can call me whatever they want, I just probably won’t want to hang around them if they call me certain things such as “Nazi”.
  3. I must admit to not seeing aven do the born this way, although I have been banned from there once or twice so will have had absences I would say that the owner, original organisers and now the board, continue to "ride on the lgbt's coat tails" for recognition, numbers, free pr and undoubtedly in some places, possible financial assistance.
  4. Have you been on aven again???? I remember being called a nazi before in the other place, I showed them a picture of auschwitz with dead people in it and reminded them, this is what nazi's do, disagreeing with you does not make me a nazi, it DOES however make you a closed minded bigot.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Been seeing this a LOT lately. It goes like this... > I identify as a trans-queer-gaysexual, and my pronouns are wiz werz, and wobble, and I'm a Feminist socialist. > Ok, that's cool.. I guess I am just me. Call me what you like, Politically I am a Liberal, egalitarian. > Pah, so you are a NAZI then! > No, > Look I get to identify as anything I want to and you have to respect that, but I get to call you whatever I like because you're a Nazi. > Bye... Discuss.
  7. Indeed - but its the very act of working through the labels that helps you figure yourself out, as you have to introspect very carefully to see if certain labels apply to you or not. The internal incoherencies and lack of consensus creates an arena for reflection, creativity and thought - and an opportunity to discuss ideas with others. All of which fuels self construction. IMHO, anyway The lack of suitable labels just led me to create my own - an important process for my self-understanding. Labels can come from politics, but they can come other places too. Depends upon motivation, I guess. I tend to look at these things somewhat philosophically and linguistically because that's how I view things.
  8. I agree that language opens up new concepts, but labels can be wrong. The "Asexuality" label is wrong, and just about no one agrees on the definition in the first place. I call myself Asexual, but I don't fit all the concepts. The one thing asexuality has taught me is that labels and definitions don't come out of trying to explain something, they come from politics, and a desire to be accepted by other groups. The idea that non-libidonists aren't asexual didn't come from any study, or survey, it came from a spat between groups. The idea that asexuality is a "Born that way", and "Your always that way" came from AVENs desire for funding and support from the LGBT movement. That latter point is incredibly dangerous, and leaves those who change the way they feel feeling like failures, stifles self exploration, and leaves many many people feeling that asexuality is a lie.
  9. Well, we'll have to disagree on 1 - language opens up the ability to think of new concepts. That's probably partly why talking to yourself helps you process thoughts. It's certainly helped me. 2 - we agree on. 3 - I'm not saying I agree with it, just saying it exists and it's pragmatically useful. I totally agree that there shouldn't be any special treatment for people based on any characteristics, but there is, and so people play the game for obvious reasons. It just is.
  10. I only agree with point 2. You don't figure yourself out with labels, or rather you really shouldn't. Words should be descriptive not prescriptive. I hate the whole oppression olympics, and there shouldn't be any legal or social difference between the way people are treated.
  11. Labels can be pragmatically useful in 3 ways: 1) Figuring yourself out. 2) Explaining yourself to others quickly and effectively. 3) Gaining social or legal recognition, privilege or status.
  12. I took it again because I was bored. Evidently schizotypal went down while borderline and obsessive-compulsive went up...
  13. Last week
  14. I have had the idea for the longest time that the world would be a very different, and polite place if everyone got to murder 1 person for free. IE you get murder one person in your life without consequence. I don't think murder is the worst thing you can do to someone. I think the whole acid attack thing is about as evil as one person can be to another.
  15. All I want to add is my usual spiel... Sexuality as a whole can be transient. It can come and go for a myriad of reasons. I worry alot about people adopting a sexual label, then using that label as a way of defining ones self. By that I mean that many people feel the need to behave as to their label rather than using a label as a description. You (not you, everyone), should go with the flow, experiment, and not be defined by words. There are no prizes for being more or less asexual, and if you think you are asexual, but get an urge not to be, you should follow your heart, and desires. Asexuality means you don't have sexual desire. It doesn't mean you never will. The whole "Asexuality is a sexuality, and you are born that way" came about because of Politics, NOT reality. Asexuality is as much of a sexuality as Atheists are a faith group.
  16. Oh the joys of the intolerance and hate dressed up as love, and respect. This whole thing doesn't surprise me at all. All these sites AVEN included seem to think that any argument is hate, and pointing out genuine institutionalised bigotry leads not to bans not answers. Sexism is fine when Men are the victim. I know that one first hand after spending a year being stalked, harassed, and abused. What happened to the person that was responsible? They were allowed to fake their leaving, and come back with a new name. AVEN wouldn't even post publicly that the lies told about me weren't true. I had to keep my mouth shut while she kept on lying about me... Oh and racisim is fine when white people are the victim, Transphobia is bad, Cisphobia is just fine. Etc etc etc. I honestly thought that I could find some way to use logic and reason in order to highlight the issue and do something about it. I was wrong.
  17. Y'all are cool fam

    1. Dreamsexual


      Thanks 🙂  shame it so slow here

  18. Well, being an absolute forum addict Ive now joined yet another LGBT+ forum called empty closets. Hopefully it'll work out fine (I don't get banned from every forum ...), but it's amusing to start the clock ticking and see how long I last.
  19. Your argument was reasonable, in lala land of aven that person, who appears to be a mod, would be accused of elitism. The spam I suspect is that 4 people seemed to have been banned, three of them only joined in November this year and one from 2015. A mod as insecure as that person may have used to spam excuse to justify bans that were not called for. Fish seems to have been more direct than I but I would find it hard to disagree with the sentiment.
  20. The whole definition debate is often led by those who are not asexual, want to be whilst they are at uni so seek to apply spectrums The problem with the official definition "the lack of sexual attraction" or those who wish to claim it as lack of desire, is that these can be felt by sexuals who to be honest, most don't want to fuck every 5 minutes so on that basis, some claim under the "grey banner" that they are spectrum asexuals Just through watching and taking part in the sexual community over the last 11 years I would suggest around 95-98% of those feeling they are asexual in some way...are not. The reasons why so many identify as asexual of some kind are many ,but the majority age groups always seem to be around the same block 16-26, the time many are within higher education, away from home and at the time most of us have been through that of teens into young adult hood and experimenting,researching who and what you are Using your own description of "I noticed that I don't have any feelings of love or affection for anyone. " you could be aromantic which often apathetic or repulsed could be in the same grouping and again could just as easily be felt by a sexual, than asexual. you could have been abused, you could have mental health issues which see's you as wishing to keep a distance so mentally lock down to protect yourself (schizoid personality disorder is a good example) etc etc, low libido, low self confidence, trans, and on and on the reasons go My reason for mentioning these is that you are more likely to not be asexual, than holding onto a tenuous link from twitter/redit/aven and believing you are asexual. There is a caveat in two parts. could you be a person say with depression so doesn't love yourself so don't think anyone could love you so you shut down emotionally or could you be an asexual with depression...here in lies the ability of the individual to be honest with themselves secondly. the asexual movement has largely been taken over by the label obsessed sexual identity and gender network so don't go looking for clarification or affirmation of who you are on the internet....you are who you are and at the moment it is simply one chapter in your lifes book. why tie the rest of your life down by a label in your teens and miss out on a full life you have yet to live.
  21. Like Thanos, except 100% of living things instead of only half of them. xD
  22. downsid3

    Very Tired

    Up till 4am last night studying for finals, to then get up and go out of town to the dentist. Didn't get much sleep. Found out the dental surgery I need(wisdom teeth removal) will be pretty expensive and I can't afford it any time soon. My mom is getting married soon, and I have to be there, and I have to have enough to travel there. I can't afford a $600 dental surgery right now! Hell, it's more like $3000, but insurance covers some of it. Not all, I guess. They hurt, but what else is new? Guess I'll just tolerate it for another year.
  23. There is a difference between sexual and romantic attraction. You can experience both(most people do), just one, or neither. So, 'asexuality' refers to sexuality only, while the word for lacking romantic feelings towards anyone is 'aromanticism' or 'aromantic'. If you feel neither romance or sexual feelings towards anyone, you are both aromantic and asexual. The attractions aren't dependent on each other. You can be aromantic yet experience sexual attraction, for example. Personally, I experience romantic feelings, but not sexual, so I am asexual, but homoromantic.
  24. Hi, I'm a 20 yo guy who has just discovered about asexuality and what it means. I watched a couple of video about the topic and also searched up for the definition. Google states that asexuality is the absence of sexual desire. By that definition, I can identify as asexual. But my doubt is: does asexuality also wraps around the concept of love or just sex? I noticed that I don't have any feelings of love or affection for anyone. If the answer to the previous question is positive, then I'm only asexual, otherwise I'd be something else. What do you think?
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