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  2. There should just be a 'every sexuality is cool' awareness event. But it's shit that some LGBT people shit over aces, in the same way it's shit that aces shit over other groups. Everyone gate keeps for some fucking reason. Every man for his trade? Everyone loves their clique? Oppression olympics? Hate that crap. Anyway, yeah, LGBT lobby activism is now politically and sexually dominated by certain weird sub-section; bloody ridiculous. Have a great ace week everyone, dont let the bastards grind you down, and the future will be better ...
  3. Today
  4. Yes, the topic is being mocked by "Rose of Dawn" about LGBT+++ events and awareness days over the year. She does mention Asexuals, but not dates (20-26 October) for our Asexual Awareness Event. Much of what she says I agree with. LGBT+++ events are getting out of hand, for what is after all, approx. 5 - 7% of the population. Ironically, withal this attention, I read that millennials think that LGBT+++ make up 25% of the population. As we are coming up to the decade census for USA and UK and both will have questions about sexual orientation and gender thanks to the LGBT lobbyists (forgetting us). Alas, the UK will only mention Hetero, Homo, Bi and trans. We will be relegated to "other" on the form. AVEN did put in a request for us to be included, but we seem to have been ignored. *sigh* The shocking thing about this topic is the absence of the Gay Male events. Simple fact is the LGBT organisation was hi-jacked by the Political lesbians in the late 80s, when the gay men were at the weakest due to the ravaging of it by the AIDs crisis.
  5. An insane amount of botfly removal from a monkey neck.
  6. alright, anyone fancy changing a light bulb at the top of a 1999ft mast ? Hold onto your seats.
  7. Just now randomly remembered these videos exist.
  8. Gifs because hot anime guys are even hotter in action
  9. Yesterday
  10. Holy shit, I miss school. Tis so stimulating and challenging.

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    2. MorganaPendragon


      Huh? My school has amazing food.


      The last class I was in was a geography class and it was very engaging and the teacher is awesome. Everyone likes that teacher except a few whiny twats.

    3. cavalier080854


      Same with me, I loved school dinners in the 60s, everyday we had a 2 course cooked meal (2 choices, to eat it or not) and they never repeated the same meal in a fortnight. Everything fresh, not frozen. They definitely went downhill in the 80s in UK.

    4. cavalier080854


      What level schooling did you do ? I got to college and passed ONC, though I took the Open University course in Electrical Engineering and passed aged 62. And not a penny in student debt.

  11. Draft dodging in USA means (when they catch you) loss of the right to vote, loss of federal funding for education and jail time. Join the military, go to foriegn countries and meet different cultures. Then kill and destroy them. Well it keeps you off the street and out of mischief.
  12. Run away and leave everything behind or get shot. Isn’t government tyranny awesome?
  13. Not really. I was in Belize in 1978 and there was an American draft dodger in the middle of the jungle with a menagerie earning a bare existence living. But the Vietnam war ended in 1975 !!! So you can always run away.
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