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    I got "Normal Person" Neither remarkably degenerate or remarkably upstanding, you're a pretty standard human being. OK, pretty accurate. But, as with all the other tests, they are freaking me out as to how normal I am, but everyone else is not.
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    I kid you not about the second image, it really was in her car.
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    Ah, Ghostbusters ... Someone's beenraiding my adolescent sexual fantasy bank again, lol
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    Generally, if you spend your life talking and insisting on pronouns, You are a fuckwit. You will die alone because even rescue cats are fed up with that bolloxs and will not want you as an owner.
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    BTW less than 8 months to reaching my state retirement age.
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    so it's you holding down the fort again how's stuff? nero is posting loads of pictures from belgium on aven. havent heard much of him either, but he seems happy being there. seems i've just missed grep, he was back here when i was gone
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    Have you got knock knees ? Going back to the punk era with the jeans ? BTW polish those boots if they are combat boots, this from an ex-serviceman or you will be on a charge.
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    Yes! Cube 2: Hypercube is good too.
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    Are you sure it was a dream and not real life ?
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    Happy Birthday @Janus DarkFox , I hope you and Wolfie are doing fine.
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    OK, you are a tidy person. My bedroom looks like a bomb hit it, at least till I collect the washing tomorrow. I see you have Sarah mirror.
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    I got "Normal Person" as well.
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    Fuck it imma just post a picture of what I’m wearing today because I’m too lazy to describe it.
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    @MorganaPendragon this is you. It is from Excalibur
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    Oh Kurumi, my adorable main waifu.
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    I am 24 year old female and I have identified as romantic asexual for about 10 years , but having found out about demisexuality I feel uncertain now. As a teen especially I used to be extremely sex repulsed. Now I feel less sex repulsed, but the idea of me being sexual with another person still weirds me out. So I'm thinking that maybe my sex repulsion might subside completely one day and possibly feel attraction. I have had a few crushes with guys without wanting to have sex with them, but never fallen in love. Most of all I am currently anxious because I have come out as asexual to my close family and some friends. So I'm wondering what if one day I fall in love and start a sexual relationship? Lets be real, that would be cringey af now that I've come out. I'm concerned that maybe it would have been better if I never said anything. And there's this other thing. In the past whenever somebody questioned or invalidated my asexuality I would respond by arguing that I have never wished not to be asexual. I mean I did before I found out that asexuality is a thing especially I was afraid of people's judgment or that maybe I;m sick or something, but I if I put all these aside I had never felt uncomfortable about it within my self. Well that's changed. Last year I fell for on a guy I used to be friends with and I wouldn't say I fell in love but it sure was more than just a crush and I felt a quite strong emotional connection with him. I mean I didn't want to have sex with him, but I was really wishing to want to. First time ever. It's so strange. And when i would think about having sex with him, it did make uncomfortable, but quite less than I would expect to .And that kind of scared me and has made me to question myself. Does this mean i could be demisexual? Is there any way to know if I'm demisexual if I have never fallen in love? Or I just won't know untl I know?
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    No worries We agree on many things. And I'm glad you are happy with your progress and how things are - and I totally get how 'letting go' of something that's been part of you for so long can be a tricky process. I had to 'let go' of things I previously thought true about my sexuality and gender identity - and I'm in my forties! But life is complex, things change, and there's nothing you can do to fight it - just try and enjoy what/who you are now and care less about the reactions and opinions of others. Some will understand, some won't. Easier said than done, and I dare say there will be times of hurt and sadness etc. But truth is best, I think.
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    @Dreamsexual Thank you for your encouraging words, I appreciate it so much. I think I should elaborate on some of my points for a better understanding. I know that not all asexuals are sex repulsed and some are just indifferent. The reason I pointed that out is because I was sex repulsed for many years and I've felt for some time now a quite significant shift on that. Now I'm much closer to indifferent than repulsed. To give you a little background on me: I have never been sexually abused which is often the case with sex repulsed people. I'm a virgin and I've never had any sexual activity with anybody ever. My parents are quite religious and conservative people, but I was by no means raised to be a prude or anything like that. They have always been open to discuss sexual issues and to answer my questions. And even they believe that I'm sexually repressed and don't consider asexuality valid. I even knew that I was asexual at age 14 when I had never heard of asexuality. All I knew was straight, gay, bisexual. I was watching a show one day where there was a sex scene and in that moment it just hit me that I would never be comfortable with sex. I had never thought I want sex and just repressed it. I was trying to fantacise sexually, but I was just repulsed by the thought even. I don't agree that sexuality itself is fluid (at least not as much as you describe) unless maybe an illness or trauma has occured. I don't believe for example that an adult that has always been straight will suddenly become gay or the opposite. I believe though when it comes to asexuality on that matter the lines are more blurred. So I believe that if I ever feel sexual attraction that means I was never really asexual (possibly demisexual). And I will accept my sexuality if that is really the case. Except for the fact that I've come out, I've considered asexuality part of my identity for so long and I feel scared to "let go of that" if this makes sense. Now about the guy I spoke of. We haven't hanged out together for quite long, but we reconnected recently and I really really like him. I know for sure that I want him in my life. I rarely make such good friendships so regardless of my (a)sexuality I would be very reluctant to put our friendship at risk.And I have no idea if he even likes me. Oh and on top of everything I've come out to him too. I know, fantastic. So...That's that. Again thank you for responding it was great to talk about this with someone.
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    Anarcho-capitalism is a step too far for me. My over-arching principle is that the best form of government is 'whatever maximises practical individual liberty' for that time and place (so there isn't a 'best' form of state - just a what's best for us here and now). But the most difficult word in that principle is 'practical'. For example, I have more practical freedom being in state with lots of laws, but also lots of material prosperity, safety from crime, opportunities for expression etc than, say, in a 'state of nature' where there is literally no state and no laws but I have to hunt my own food, watch my back constantly, and will likely die by the time I'm 30. I suspect that total removal of the state would reduce this 'practical' element for too many for it to maximise liberty. This is why I'm that most rare of beasts - a left-libertarian.
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    I'm probably not the best to respond to this, not being really asexual or demi-sexual. But a few points: a) not all asexuals are sex repulsed, some are just sex indifferent. Neither desire sex, though. b) it's possible for sexuality to vary and change over time. So it's entirely possible for sex repulsion to vanish. I went the other way, lol. c) it's possible to go from being asexual to being sexual. It happens. As does the reverse. d) if you feel that you have developed an interest in sex and no longer repulsed by it, you can start to come-out again to family - maybe laying groundwork will make it less cringey. It's always cringey telling people your identity has changed. But it happens. Whats the alternative? You live as a closeted sexual and pretend asexual? You wont be happy doing that. e) it's entirely possible you're demi-sexual. Maybe to the point that you are, and would only ever be, attracted sexually to this one dude and no one else ever. Impossible to know. There could have been all kinds of reasons for why you felt asexual before and now it's changed - maybe you were always demi-, maybe you were not hardwired asexual but only psychologically so and that has now changed, maybe you were young and confused ... who knows. But does it matter? You are what you are now ... the past you doesn't exist. Good luck, and I hope you find happiness
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    *sigh* This thread makes me long to close the distance between me and my lover ... Such a gap between us.
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    Men are more hard wired for hetero, Females have a more malleable sexuality. Why, I don't know. From the male viewpoint, probably because men view the female form as more desirable, and attractive (gay men are about 3-4%). Female viewpoint is possibly that the female is less threatening as well as having more common ground mentally. Plus the fact after a bad relationship they are more willing to try the same sex. Look at the thread here on anal sex, penetration is viewed disfavourably, though penetrative sex is what women are genetically designed for (at least vaginally) and men are genetically designed to penetrate. The human race is one of the few to copulate for pleasure, whatever floats your boat in todays society is reasonably acceptable providing it is legal and consentual. Most of the hang-ups have been generated by religious mores. Prior to Christianity, homosexuality was more accepted, though was still a minority. But in Spartan society, and in Greek military life, homosexuality was encouraged (you are not going to desert your lover on the battlefield) and heterosexuality was for reproduction.
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    Ah, that film takes on a new resonance for me in my current circumstances
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    I also got degenerate. And a lot of those questions made no sense to someone who is an inorganic psychesexual with a wife and child. And I'm a Christian, lol.
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    I came across these today and I’m dying!
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    Yeah, the gap between feminist/terfs and trans has been growing all the time. IMHO, both have legit concerns. I think libertarianism solves all (individuals doing what they want, not group activism) ... But I'm probably wrong.
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    I just didn't know what I'd pick for "If I had to change what would I choose" since I wouldn't want to change, but I guess if for some reason I had to choose a different sexuality then I'd go with heterosexual just because I'm more attached to my husbandos than my waifus lol.
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    The first Democrat Debate was pretty funny to watch. I don't know how they're going to win on a platform of "The Sky is Falling" when so many Americans can see that it isn't. I'd also point out how insisting on calling the detention centers "concentration camps" and then saying calling them anything else is semantics is an attempt to shut down debate and semantics in itself.
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