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  1. Hi people, As some of you might be aware we have had an issue with spam of late. This was caused by a new "Feature" that was not highlighted in the last site upgrade. It basically meant that people not registered could just type in any old email address and post. A really shitty move by Invision. It took me more than 4 hours to sort it and find the issue, as all the permissions look exactly the way they should, there was little to no documentation on the subject and even trying to search though the Invision sight lead nowhere. The long and short of it is that it's been fixed. I will be handing control over to @cavalier080854 so if you find some spam or the like then please flag it, @cavalier080854 will get notified, and he's happy to sort it out. There are a few other things I have to sort out, so I will be about for the next few days, so anyone wanting to get hold of me please message @Lord Grep . I will write another post with the latest news a bit later. Thank you so much for bearing with me... Admin.
  2. Well the vote's a bit on the small side, but the message is pretty clear. I will get on implementing this in the next couple of days.
  3. There are a number of posts in here that are about including a psych category, so I just thought I would make a quick and dirty bill to add one. If you have an idea for the name of it, then simply add a post with your suggestion, and those voting please use the "Yes" reaction to vote in favour, nothing if you are just "Meh" on the the idea, and "No" if you are dead against. By reaction I mean where the like is here: I want to suggest "Head Space". I think it should be about all things to do with the mind, so psychology, and psychiatry. Poll will last 1 week, and will close on the 24th. We will implement the change when we get a 5 vote difference in favour or the the time runs out. This is a publicly visible poll to protect against silliness. Happy polling people !
  4. This is a bit of a silly one, and I don't think we need to vote on things. I have found a neat feature that lets us add a note when hovering with the mouse over acronyms. It works like this: AVEN ASM . I have to admit I was very tempted to put something silly on AVEN, but I thought better of it. Can anyone think of anything funnier to use on those acronyms? Are there any other things or words you think we should add a description to? I will implement things where there are no negative reactions, so if someone suggests something you don't like just use the "No" reaction. Oh I have found out there is a word replace too... If I type 4 V E N (without the spaces) then it well... replace when posted to "The total shit show",, Does anyone have any fun ideas for that feature? (I will remove that in the next couple of days)
  5. Ok chaps. I think this seems to have gone as far as it will. Does anyone object to me removing everything but the first post so we can get back to discussing the actual topic, and not everything but the topic at hand? Please gimme a "Yes" or "No" reaction to make your feelings known. I am just going to hide all the replies to this thread so far. It doesn't seem worth it to put it in unsafe space, so unless anyone objects I'll just sweep it under the rug. If anyone does object I will just start another thread with the same topic, and first post, and change the topic of this one to something there people will know it's not about the actual discussion it should be.
  6. This place is not the place to discuss this. I will be writing up why in the next 24 hours.. I'll PM you with the location of the post when it is completed.
  7. @burobu That sounds more like an ISP issue than it does one at our end. Do you know what email headers are? If not don't worry about it. If you do, just open a couple up, and see if you can see the times they were sent out from ASM, and when they arrive, there should be less than 30 seconds involved. ASM mail sends direct to you MX IP... There shouldn't be any delays this end. Can I suggest you change your email notification setting to "digest", unless you do want to be notified by email of replies etc. I will get in touch with you privately to try and work this one out.
  8. @loneCartoonVillain Done deal...
  9. It isn't a feature of the software so it ain't going to happen
  10. ASM will be carrying out some software updates in the next 24 hours. If anyone notices anything not working the way it should, please can you let us know here....
  11. You have been added as requested. Have fun....
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