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  1. Seriously, avoid the LGBT sites. Especially chat rooms.
  2. I did warn you about this earlier. Welcome to intersectional politics. Alas the transpeople that are killed in the US are predominantly killed in the black community, not the white. Western 1st world countries are the safest for trans to live in. Only 1 has been killed in the UK this year (out of 5000 fully transitioned). 330 in total for the world, 160 in Brazil alone. Andy Ngo has been banned from Twitter
  3. Yes they would if you don't have a cat flap to get out, but then again, they would if no one gave then a meal. How many tales of this happening do you need to read ? PS AVEN gave me a written warning about cats eating dead owners on a post.
  4. Well, we have the "Monster Raving Loony Party" in the UK. Some of their ideas have been made into law, such as pet passports.
  5. I generally know if I am going to be that drunk later. So I plan accordingly and either walk home, get a taxi or stay with a friend and crash out on a couch.
  6. 3 dead, recently or sometime in the past. Or future planned assassinations ?
  7. So, not into getting down and dirty ?
  8. I am almost similar, 76% Left brain, 24& Right brain. Only without the earing and shorter hair. en-.svg
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