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  1. The first Democrat Debate was pretty funny to watch. I don't know how they're going to win on a platform of "The Sky is Falling" when so many Americans can see that it isn't. I'd also point out how insisting on calling the detention centers "concentration camps" and then saying calling them anything else is semantics is an attempt to shut down debate and semantics in itself.
  2. Nevyn

    Any AVENites here?

    @Dreamsexual I just saw your AVEN thread in Tea & Sympathy. I'm sorry you've had a bad experience there. I completely understand why you left, I've had similar issues from time to time. I even have two past warnings from telling other posters to basically fuck off. They say they're a welcoming community and then let a few cliques run the show for them. Hope you find a community.
  3. I posted on AVEN about my dad and his being drafted into Vietnam. Here's a funny story that that brought back to me though I doubt AVEN would appreciate it: My dad trained a wild monkey by feeding it and carried it with him through his second tour. I have pictures of him and said monkey. He had it trained to run ahead of him on the road. I asked him what happened to it as a child and he said it didn't make it back. I asked why and he said it ran through a minefield because that's what he trained it to do and why he had it in the first place. He never held back on anything, even when speaking to a kid.
  4. Nevyn


    Because the powers that rule the EU don't want you to. An independant UK would draw even more countries out of it. They're working so hard to be a European version of the US with Brussels in control of everything.
  5. In my state the mother names the father on the birth certificate and at that point he's the legal father. He can challenge in court but I think that places an unfair responsibility on males since they don't have a say and no verification is done at all by the hospital.
  6. It would be easy to assume I'm angry in an exchange but that would be a mistake. I'm usually laughing my ass off at what passes for discussion and arguments.
  7. There's a few topics I'd post in if I thought a reasonable debate would happen. I learned my lesson about that in '16 & '17 though. For example there's one member who has in his sig that they'll flat out block you if you support the American President. Why bother with that kind of attitude?
  8. President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump. Just had to get that out there.
  9. The US Highway system is defensive in purpose. It's to transport American Troops anywhere inside the US in a matter of hours, including National Guard and Corp of Engineers, as well as being easily controllable/blockadable should the need arise. It's secondary purpose is commercial and public transportation. I'm not sure why the millions of miles of rail were largely abandoned but that wasn't my generation and my opinion is that existing rail infrastructure should have been maintained alongside the highways.
  10. Good luck! I'd vote for you but I'm in a different state.
  11. You ran in one of the Carolinas right?
  12. The US media is surely something. They're tripping all over themselves since Sunday trying to denounce the Sri Lanka bombings without referencing Christians in anyway. I mean, what do you call people celebrating Easter? The US media called them "Easter Worshipers".
  13. My only problem is these are kids being drug into an adult problem. Like Charlize Theron being proud of herself for teaching her kid that gender doesn't exist when it so obviously does in 97-98% of the population.
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