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  1. Ayy yup, plenty of people scared of poles and holes, usually the inexperienced and the desired folk A quick google search of "trypophobia prevalence" puts the stat at 16%, a lot claim that everybody has some form of it, dependent on the size, number, spacing and pattern of holes.
  2. Cited NowThis news as a source hmm... the same platform that made falsified US political conspiracy theories. This is by far BBC News’ attempt to be more ‘progressive’ on a disorder not even recognised as medically real in any DSM or ICD, citing Reddit for its origin.
  3. Dont really matter cos its Janus colours combined with my own differentiated gender
  4. I'm having a rather difficult time believing those whom are asexual that not just a libido, but go into detail as to find their libido is directed to a gender and wish to physically and psychologically reprogram themselves not to "accidentally" have sex. This goes against the very idea of what asexuality is to me. It's also self destructive which goes dead set against their personal sexual nature.
  5. There's a human in there lol Also yes hehe
  6. I've always been non-social, growing up deprived enough to not have the privilege to having tech until much later. I'd always still find a way of preferring to be alone doing my own thing. It's often what being autistic looks like to others.
  7. At every generation, I can see there's been a social softening in local culture, every generation previous had to be thicker skinned socially. Now and in future it's no different with the widening gap of social networks.
  8. Zootopia, Closest thing to anthropomorphized furry culture in recent times. I've turned into Furry FM as a DAB Audio station when I was managing Land in Second Life. "A Station for music Made for Furries, By Furries" I've liked the bands called "Furries in a Blender" and "Hexbi Fox" if I'm spelling those right. Some of the songs literally in a way explain what subtly goes on in hotels at conventions https://furry.fm/en-gb/ They are but what else to ask a Femboy Foxy with that face of my profile pick
  9. Like any personal identities, they are who they say they are, nobody can't gate keep this fact in how a person define themselves.
  10. I'd say so yeah, there's aces who would feel the jealously if their current partner started to play away from the ace in the relationship. Romantics even more so.
  11. Ive reported all spam ive seen over the months and expressed concerns for a site requiring a housekeeping administrator, if just nothing else other than to clean and ban the spam.
  12. Ben prescribed a number of things for all sorts of stuff, more than a typical person my age. What's most horrific was the transition from Sertraline to Mirtrazapine Anti-depressant to mood stabilizer very quickly. Almost immediately the mind become foggy, depression and hallucinations so bad that those kept me awake at night, one incident with self harm , near catatonic state with a higher than normal energy. A bipolar diagnosis was soon after, that was described as a mixed episode. Crisis ended after 2 weeks with 4 months feeling stable, took around 2 years to feel better.
  13. Reasons are many, but I think its often to do with that it looks strange, odd or silly especially when people know nobody personal as a Furry or never witnessing it at all in the wild themselves.
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