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  1. I'll cover any Cardiff meets in some capacity if any interest.
  2. Yup that's about a far I've been in contact with weed, second hand whiffs of it, lol school days
  3. Trans sex Females are most likly to be still sexual with libidos so most likly not. There's a thing that Trans fems are quietly even considered cis het males, but with AGP Fetish, Autogynephila my god Ive stumbled on a reddit rabbit hole with this trans denial bullshit with the MtF = Cis het males with AGP, I'm practically trolling in these. These Guys with 'Girldicks' and Transbianism' apparently see an improvement in libidos during and after transitioning. This is a callback to what I've dealt with in my fetish community management days providing services for such 'furries with fetishes' and a stark contrast to my own lack of libido before even my own transition.
  4. There I am right there hehe Almost
  5. It can come off that way to like you say... mods who has will and power to ban anyone. But I donno... I'm a Fox, not human
  6. Pissing off a mod and attacking their beliefs including being dismissive to their experiences is perhaps sound reasons to get banned from a community without a group collective say. It could potentially come across as trolling to some.
  7. Hmm brain switched off at 'Furries get Sexual very quickly" that whole Nazi Fur interview is major cringe and can't tell its a whole joke.
  8. There are over 7 billion sexual orientations
  9. Online hobbies and community volunteering is my only option, what I could do is use my business info systems knowledge to either consult or be part of a wider project or business analysis structure. Without contracts any money made stays in a PayPal, it isn't a corporatized business if I do make money on the side or be paid in Bitcoin maybe. I've never had the verbal social ability to be part of or convince in the payment of my services and a sense of products. The uh... Janus me is a Virtural Pimp, Master and Sexual entrepreneur with ownership of the Velvet Fox Escorting Services and 7 Escorts specializing in Fetishes in Second Life, earned roughly L$50,000 in total in 4 years, about £123 if converting it today... lol, some people there though make huge bucks selling Land Estate. Any money I've made or could be made volunteering in my way is far too small to be considered an Income.
  10. Love those adverts and suit but no
  11. Immediate thing that comes to mind is if there's the possibility to access or accessing the full range of ESA, PIP, Universal credit, several other council benefits, any other premiums and Severe Disability Premium, that's money though but should be smilier in England/Council area. With management experience, I can overlook a few administrative things, care taking if nothing else. I'm still here, what's happening I'm good
  12. I'm good and I'm here still. Things been running smooth, no issues as far as I know. Donno about anything behind the scenes of course The Discord is going alright as intended.
  13. Ayy yup, plenty of people scared of poles and holes, usually the inexperienced and the desired folk A quick google search of "trypophobia prevalence" puts the stat at 16%, a lot claim that everybody has some form of it, dependent on the size, number, spacing and pattern of holes.
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