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  1. If that is the standard that is seen as acceptable to become a professor, then call me Stephen Hawking, good grief no wonder why so many uni's have so many dumb arse kids. I'd be seeking a refund on any child of mines education if that was the result.
  2. PiF


    Personally the best advice for free would be the citizens advice service, what they do not know themselves, they often have an onward door to open. Some solicitors used to do a free for 30 minutes service and the cab may know of those?
  3. PiF


    I'm sure that amount can be met. I think you're right in not getting caught up in "ooo a new update toy, let's get it" . The use of the forum whilst lowish is steady and doesn't need jazz hands crappery The apparel, even in the other place it never really sold that well so don't put yourself under pressure on this, if you have some things then sell them as and when but don't expect them to pay costs The linking thing, always handy as some may come here looking to see if they are Asexual, realise they are not but then feel what next? If we have different links to other places such as transyada.net, some of the more high profile blocks and yes even the poop pit that is aven then at least it will show we offer all avenues and not just you must obey aven or you do not exist. Your personal return, small steps and see it as how can i have fun and be informative in ASM rather letting aven niggle away in the back of your head and if you feel you need some time out, do so even if it just a few days
  4. I'm quite happy with "Asexual" but we need to be honest with all the semi, demi, latte, spectrum nonsense that should not fall under the asexual banner but if we were trying to better clarify what and who we are, then those spectrum groups should be called what they are, on the sexual spectrum and of those some are allies but most will never have heard of Asexuality. The lgbt link was always a fraudulent attempt to gain publicity for the cause by the self proclaimed leaders at the outset., the term I often heard from lgbt groups was "riding on their coat tails". Sure we will have some lgbt people who are asexual so they will have a foot in both camps so to speak but asexuality as part of the lgbt, if we are being honest? then no. It also needs to be clarified so it heads off the usual suspects of victimhood. Being correct what an asexual is and isn't, is not denying people, erasing their identity, or seeking an elite, how can you be elite in something hardly anyone knows about? You can be as accurate as you can so when someone comes looking, we can offer what it is and isn't an Asexual, then the individual can make their own mind up based on an honest declaration.
  5. PiF


    Shut your chops , I've been telling for years, don't try and gain permission to exist from Aven, concentrate just on here and you'll be fine, they're not even an asexual forum anymore Glad to see you are still around chap and that cat is fine and doing okay. Right first things first, Is there something in your area called "the essential living fund" normally council associated and can help with foodstuffs, bills, rent, even furniture and white goods such as beds, sofas, washing machines etc. If you can manage to visit the citizens advice centre they have almost every single help you can imagine or if you are able to gain "Mind" advocacy" they also can put you in touch with charities that can buy a new bed etc The forum is quiet but often used, no major blow ups that can't be diffused by taking a break for a few days then coming back
  6. Generally, if you spend your life talking and insisting on pronouns, You are a fuckwit. You will die alone because even rescue cats are fed up with that bolloxs and will not want you as an owner.
  7. On this one, some in the U.K. may be aware of a person now called Freddy McConnell. Freddy was a female who felt she was in the wrong body from birth so sought to transition into a male. As seems to be the case in increasing numbers, Freddy stopped halfway, in their case a boob removal but kept female reproductive functions. he did become pregnant and the tried to use the human rights act to have himself listed as father on the birth certificate. Biologically males cannot give birth and his application was refused and remains on the birth certificate as mother. His ivf treatment is now also being looked into as a matter of legality https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/25/transgender-man-gave-birth-loses-high-court-battle-make-child/
  8. The headlines was from the times titled ‘Anti-women’ trans policy may split Stonewall...if you can't get it then type the title in then the times It states that even one of the founders of stonewall Simon Fanshawe said that it undermined womens rights within the movement. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/anti-women-trans-policy-may-split-stonewall-wfv2rp5cx# unless you are a time subscriber you might not be able to access the full story The daily mail is another option although they always put a angry spin on it https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7491031/Gay-rights-group-Stonewall-split-activists-say-transgender-policy-puts-women-risk.html It does show what most of us have seen is the widening of expectations between some within the trans and lgb community
  9. Quite frankly, you're acting both cuntish and idiotic, coming across as some sort of twat If you just want to be some sort of linguistic cripple or attitudinal cancer it's interesting you had this within your diatribe and seemed to ignore your own advice of Please stop and be an adult. Now, as much as you have called me those words whilst calling me rude, even when I am direct, I would not be so offensive I appreciate from your updates you regularly have extreme emotional rollercoasters that you seem unable to control yourself and your emotions and unless you can control others you lash out. Whilst I am tolerant of most people, rude people who post such stuff^^ gain no favour with me nor am I tolerant of it Despite me answering three times now your question of what I consider asexuality is, you seem to keep missing it so I'll say it one more time before I put you on ignore because whilst you paint this lil miss innocent, I suspect you are in fact a very vile and poisonous person with people deserting you with regular occurrence and I can understand their direction and reasoning Now to repeat what has already been explained to you, I'll simply copy and paste earlier answers I've known since a very young age that I had no sexual attraction. When all the others started getting all jiggery pokery, there was still nothing. No sexual confusion, no sexual identity crisis, no depression, no empathy issues, no sexual revulsion or repulsion, no social awkwardness, no trouble having connections with others, no depression, no mental health issues etc etc etc, in short, none of the 99.99% of reasons why people wrongly identify as asexual. Just plain old from birth, no sexual attraction since birth, meh semi/demi and grey for the point of accuracy cannot be asexual. If they feel they need to label themselves then they would be closer to being accurate with semi-demi-grey- sexual Now, I've clarified that for the umpteenth time, I'm putting you on ignore, you're troubled and I'd rather let others deal with you.
  10. I've been as clear as the first day I appeared on the asexual scene 11 years ago and have been consistent in that definition. You're fishing for other outlets that don't exist other than in the minds of sexuals who want to be or have attached their wagon to asexuality I keep providing THE definition of asexuality and it's one I agree with, I'm not sure how many times I have to keep repeating that? I know you're not asking people to adopt your definition, it's just that if I come across something with greater clarity and explanatory power than my own it would wise for me to adopt it, and by you providing me with that definition and exchange over it you provide me with the opportunity to improve myself. I think we both know that is patronising tosh and not a sillyness I am known for tolerating.
  11. My definition is the same as it has been throughout my life and is the one that seems to be the one most widely accepted. I can think of many things to describe my inputs but not clear in my position is not one I've heard before I'm not asking anyone to adopt my definition, the accepted by the majority understanding definition, what they do personally is down to the individual. That does not rule out however in matters of what is an asexual, the fluffy bunny brigade might from time to time, get an alternative input based closer to the truth of asexuality than the 99 reasons but the truth ain't one.
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