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  1. I often put this up to how it's not just the young who don't know what their future is, sometimes you don't know it till you see it
  2. Even by my standards I might be about to go too far, if I do please point out which parts and I will be happy to amend the post Why do you think you are asexual? It's not unusual for two people to have different sexual needs and levels of needs, this is pretty usual for sexual couples and far too many identify as asexual this way. Your hurt because a long term relationship has broken down, sexual or not asexual, that hurts, even more so if you feel you are at the rough end of it. Your fall back bestie is busy with life so isn't there to be your shoulder to lean on. This is how you are supposed to feel, if you didn't, the relationship would not have been important enough for you. Mental health..mmm, some people milk it. There is a huge difference between I have a mental health condition and I am short term very unhappy at a relationship breakdown, don't be so hard on yourself, as I said above, your hurting because of the breakdown, this is short term painful but you are perfectly entitled to feel that way On your second post You will never be able to control all of your life or all the people in your life. People who do that tend to be insecure themselves so seek to control everything around them, including people, hoping nothing will ever change in your perfectly self created world. However, shit happens, people happen and events happen and the more then you over react, the more you beat yourself up, blaming yourself with "if onlys". If onlys happen normally after the event and nothing you can do can change that. I tend to use an old saying that I hope might make some sense? This is just one sentence, of one paragraph, of one chapter in your life's book, don't try and read the end of the book before you have even lived the book.
  3. I've never been fully convinced trans are asexuals. They have a huge roller coaster of emotions, almost half regret going through the transition and suicide is high amongst trans I believe most who go near the asexual networks, find a pause place and rather than being asexual, they have some characteristics that align with asexuality in some parts The other part, 35 years ago trans genuinely meant trans, those who were transitioning fully from one sex to another, now you are more likely to find someone calling themselves trans but will never transition Are asexuals perfect partners for trans? I'd say no given many trans are sexuals and not asexuals
  4. I hadn't replied to this as I wasn't sure if it was a wind up by someone who used to write for playboy or just a one off poster The woman is not Asexual, she is a sexual pervert an should you see her again you have 3 choices (1) kick her in the minge (2) call the police..it's assault (3) does your best to ignore and if she approaches make it quite clear you will either 1 or 2 or both Sadly there are many double standards between men and women and most are in favour for women. It's almost as though if you have a penis you are responsible for only the bad stuff and women can't be bad because they haven't got a penis. As you've noticed, when a woman does a wienstien its almost like "it's okay, it's just us girls, no harm done" or when a woman stabs her male partner it's seen almost as though "why didn't the bloke stop her, he's big enough, it must be something the bloke done" or "what kind of man can't stop a woman assaulting him, he must be a poof or soft lad" when in truth most times they are simply just not violent people. The person touching has not an ounce of asexuality about them but has every bit of controlling others about them, pushing boundaries, taking advantage, seeking to get others to justify their unjustifiable behaviour. You can of course simply say to her or her protective cousin, you wish your personal space and choices respected, or try number 1 again
  5. Currently the marriage contract is anathema to Asexuality, as it requires consummation for it to be legal, which is abusive to the Ace partner, but also for the sexual. So is not fit for purpose for Aces I'd slightly disagree for a few points, that line like so many confusions, forgets asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction and not do you have sex or not. In fact if look at most who claim to be asexual of some kind, have relationships with sexuals and most of those seem to have sex with their sexual partner. This is the current as of today, government position https://www.gov.uk/how-to-annul-marriage What did surprise me and you touched upon it You can annul a marriage for a number of reasons, such as: it was not consummated - you have not had sexual intercourse with the person you married since the wedding (does not apply for same sex couples) surely if the rules are to be applied so that they treat all people equal, then the lgbt exemption would be illegal under equality laws? mind you exemption also applies to this the other person had a sexually transmitted disease (STD) when you got married
  6. Often attributed wrongly to Mark Twain "I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure."
  7. PiF


    When you are young and have fuck all, you think everybody else's shit should be shared with you. Then you join the real world, work hard save, have a family, car and a home and you can appreciate why your shit is your shit. As to Corbyns mess, the hypocriscy of those around him is a joke. It's like all those hollywood stars who launched mee too, they all knew what weinstein was upto but kept quiet for their own little bit of power, as did Corbyns front bench and those close to him. The U.K. has rejected socialism at 4 general elections now, over 9 years and 3 different in style labour leaders as a side note, What did surprise me on aven was just how many know fuck all about history example... michaeld...Yeah I'd love to know how we're going to keep the UK intact now. The more the UK government denies[1] them a referendum, the more the independence movement will grow. Soon the vast majority of Scotland will be in favour. That kind of situation is untenable. Sturgeon is exactly right: the UK can't keep Scotland imprisoned in the UK forever. And by the time they do get a referendum, the UK will have exhausted what (if any) credit they had with Scottish voters: independence will probably romp the agreement on scottish indi is that there must have been a substantive majority over a substantive period to warrant one. since 2014 there has been neither. Sturgeon knows if she leaves the U.K. illegally, the eu will not accept Scotland. natsume....It is now also well established that older people tend to be less favourable towards immigration incorrect, they tend to be more worried about illegal and uncontrolled immigration Cheshire cat........Most Nazi soldiers were just ordinary guys who likely didn't have much choice in the matter. They had to do what they were told or risk themselves and their families being killed. Incorrect...Most GERMAN soldiers were ordinary people, Most GERMANS were not nazi's what worries me more is most of these people are university and to degree level educated and are as dumb as fuck. I'd be asking for my money back if I was their parents
  8. PiF


    Our town voted 68% to leave the eu, our mp voted to remain and has represented remain since 2016. Now there is an election going, he has been pushing leave for the last 3 months hoping no one notices so he can get to keep his £80k a year job with expenses
  9. I must admit to not seeing aven do the born this way, although I have been banned from there once or twice so will have had absences I would say that the owner, original organisers and now the board, continue to "ride on the lgbt's coat tails" for recognition, numbers, free pr and undoubtedly in some places, possible financial assistance.
  10. Have you been on aven again???? I remember being called a nazi before in the other place, I showed them a picture of auschwitz with dead people in it and reminded them, this is what nazi's do, disagreeing with you does not make me a nazi, it DOES however make you a closed minded bigot.
  11. Your argument was reasonable, in lala land of aven that person, who appears to be a mod, would be accused of elitism. The spam I suspect is that 4 people seemed to have been banned, three of them only joined in November this year and one from 2015. A mod as insecure as that person may have used to spam excuse to justify bans that were not called for. Fish seems to have been more direct than I but I would find it hard to disagree with the sentiment.
  12. The whole definition debate is often led by those who are not asexual, want to be whilst they are at uni so seek to apply spectrums The problem with the official definition "the lack of sexual attraction" or those who wish to claim it as lack of desire, is that these can be felt by sexuals who to be honest, most don't want to fuck every 5 minutes so on that basis, some claim under the "grey banner" that they are spectrum asexuals Just through watching and taking part in the sexual community over the last 11 years I would suggest around 95-98% of those feeling they are asexual in some way...are not. The reasons why so many identify as asexual of some kind are many ,but the majority age groups always seem to be around the same block 16-26, the time many are within higher education, away from home and at the time most of us have been through that of teens into young adult hood and experimenting,researching who and what you are Using your own description of "I noticed that I don't have any feelings of love or affection for anyone. " you could be aromantic which often apathetic or repulsed could be in the same grouping and again could just as easily be felt by a sexual, than asexual. you could have been abused, you could have mental health issues which see's you as wishing to keep a distance so mentally lock down to protect yourself (schizoid personality disorder is a good example) etc etc, low libido, low self confidence, trans, and on and on the reasons go My reason for mentioning these is that you are more likely to not be asexual, than holding onto a tenuous link from twitter/redit/aven and believing you are asexual. There is a caveat in two parts. could you be a person say with depression so doesn't love yourself so don't think anyone could love you so you shut down emotionally or could you be an asexual with depression...here in lies the ability of the individual to be honest with themselves secondly. the asexual movement has largely been taken over by the label obsessed sexual identity and gender network so don't go looking for clarification or affirmation of who you are on the internet....you are who you are and at the moment it is simply one chapter in your lifes book. why tie the rest of your life down by a label in your teens and miss out on a full life you have yet to live.
  13. It highlights why most people out of the bubble think the whole identity politics is a joke and why most identifying in some way are not what they are by inherent identity but more through personal fine tuning and wishy washy what do i feel like today. It might also explain, using the asexual arena as an example, why those of an age group predominantly at uni ,then when they leave uni, seem to fall off the face of the earth. much of those who claim to be on a "spectrum" clearly are running their life by choices, rather than are what they claim. This does not preclude anyone from identifying as they wish but on that basis, you should expect more people to say really? but if you feel you are a turnip spunkbubble clansman, then identify away to your hearts content.
  14. I would be interesting to see how that author would explain it compared to the president of South Africa, President Cyril Ramaposa who said only last month, that South Africa was "one of the most unsafe places in the world to be a woman", where 2,700 women and 1,000 children were killed by men last year and 100 rapes were reported daily. A country whose ethnicity has only 9.2% are whites and 80% black African India has an even higher rate of rape, particularly of minors and yet their ethnic mix sees whites as almost invisible. It seems some in the so called civilized world rely on keeping the division of hate of some kind. I agree with you Cavs, two words i find dubious now are research and studies
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