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  1. There should just be a 'every sexuality is cool' awareness event. But it's shit that some LGBT people shit over aces, in the same way it's shit that aces shit over other groups. Everyone gate keeps for some fucking reason. Every man for his trade? Everyone loves their clique? Oppression olympics? Hate that crap. Anyway, yeah, LGBT lobby activism is now politically and sexually dominated by certain weird sub-section; bloody ridiculous. Have a great ace week everyone, dont let the bastards grind you down, and the future will be better ...
  2. Ah, Ghostbusters ... Someone's beenraiding my adolescent sexual fantasy bank again, lol
  3. Yes, politics and law and indeed all forms of power ultimately boil down to violence.
  4. Ooohhhh ...mega provocative I tend to find that all shit can be reduced to two simple principles: a) let people live as they want; private businesses do what they want - libertarian mode on b) in personal dealings, sincerity is the only criteria - if someone genuinely thinks X, y or z, is the best descriptor of themselves the im cool to respect that regardless of whether or not I disagree. My Disagreemt will always be couched in polite, disinterested, philosophical terms as best as I can manage. If someone uses terms just to be a prick, then they will get me being very nasty back. In all honesty LGBT+ has run its course. Everything is now fine, pretty much. Be who you are, deal as best you can with the inevitable bigotry and shit regardless, and treat individuals as fellow travellers to the grave. Be nice and kind and all that stuff.
  5. When you drink too much wine ... And think you're an egg ... Wish I was pretty 😞

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dreamsexual


      Lol - just the bad mix of red wine (always makes me get my sad-on) and internet - bloody internet, lol.  Feel fine again today 🙂  Though I do look like a fondant fancy - might be over-compensation 😉

    3. cavalier080854
    4. cavalier080854
  6. Hi tbh, it's pretty dead here ... But nice to say hello anyway
  7. The two cutest queens from drag race uk have gone ... Boo hoo 😞

    1. cavalier080854


      It is not about looks, you passing privileged bigot. 😀 If you want that go to the American version. it is about talent, the BBC said so.

      PS look out for Miss Tess Tickle, if she appears. She is my local Drag Queen, and appears in all the local Pride Events.

    2. Dreamsexual


      Lol ... Yeah, talent ... I know, I know ... But Gothy and Scaredy were pretty ... 🙂

  8. You mean treat TV like the internet ... Lol Which kids even watch TV anymore?
  9. Queer just means 'outside the norm', doesn't it? In sexuality terms most often associated with gays (originally as a slur, but then re-appropriated, so now technical like queer studies), but now not limited to gays (so my relationship with my wife is classed as a queer-platonic relationship, even though we're both hetero(-ish) Just another word that is subtly evolving and changing meaning ... Like most words. Regarding 'should LGBT+' reduce back down to sexual orientation then I have three points to make: 1) You'd still get the arguments as regards what is an orientation - asexual? objectum? - so it'll likely be LGBA and arguable 2) The inclusion of T changed everything and took it away from orientation. I can't see T wanting to leave now. 3) Why reduce when you can increase, remove the acronym, and just say 'all sexualities that don't cross the informed consent line are just fine - yay to they all!' and be done with it? As human sexuality is so complex, and varied, and evolving with culture, there's always going to be new letters and stuff - why not just cut to the chase and include everyone as an individual with no special rights or discriminations for anyone?
  10. No worries We agree on many things. And I'm glad you are happy with your progress and how things are - and I totally get how 'letting go' of something that's been part of you for so long can be a tricky process. I had to 'let go' of things I previously thought true about my sexuality and gender identity - and I'm in my forties! But life is complex, things change, and there's nothing you can do to fight it - just try and enjoy what/who you are now and care less about the reactions and opinions of others. Some will understand, some won't. Easier said than done, and I dare say there will be times of hurt and sadness etc. But truth is best, I think.
  11. Anarcho-capitalism is a step too far for me. My over-arching principle is that the best form of government is 'whatever maximises practical individual liberty' for that time and place (so there isn't a 'best' form of state - just a what's best for us here and now). But the most difficult word in that principle is 'practical'. For example, I have more practical freedom being in state with lots of laws, but also lots of material prosperity, safety from crime, opportunities for expression etc than, say, in a 'state of nature' where there is literally no state and no laws but I have to hunt my own food, watch my back constantly, and will likely die by the time I'm 30. I suspect that total removal of the state would reduce this 'practical' element for too many for it to maximise liberty. This is why I'm that most rare of beasts - a left-libertarian.
  12. I'm probably not the best to respond to this, not being really asexual or demi-sexual. But a few points: a) not all asexuals are sex repulsed, some are just sex indifferent. Neither desire sex, though. b) it's possible for sexuality to vary and change over time. So it's entirely possible for sex repulsion to vanish. I went the other way, lol. c) it's possible to go from being asexual to being sexual. It happens. As does the reverse. d) if you feel that you have developed an interest in sex and no longer repulsed by it, you can start to come-out again to family - maybe laying groundwork will make it less cringey. It's always cringey telling people your identity has changed. But it happens. Whats the alternative? You live as a closeted sexual and pretend asexual? You wont be happy doing that. e) it's entirely possible you're demi-sexual. Maybe to the point that you are, and would only ever be, attracted sexually to this one dude and no one else ever. Impossible to know. There could have been all kinds of reasons for why you felt asexual before and now it's changed - maybe you were always demi-, maybe you were not hardwired asexual but only psychologically so and that has now changed, maybe you were young and confused ... who knows. But does it matter? You are what you are now ... the past you doesn't exist. Good luck, and I hope you find happiness
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