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  1. Indeed - but its the very act of working through the labels that helps you figure yourself out, as you have to introspect very carefully to see if certain labels apply to you or not. The internal incoherencies and lack of consensus creates an arena for reflection, creativity and thought - and an opportunity to discuss ideas with others. All of which fuels self construction. IMHO, anyway The lack of suitable labels just led me to create my own - an important process for my self-understanding. Labels can come from politics, but they can come other places too. Depends upon motivation, I guess. I tend to look at these things somewhat philosophically and linguistically because that's how I view things.
  2. Well, we'll have to disagree on 1 - language opens up the ability to think of new concepts. That's probably partly why talking to yourself helps you process thoughts. It's certainly helped me. 2 - we agree on. 3 - I'm not saying I agree with it, just saying it exists and it's pragmatically useful. I totally agree that there shouldn't be any special treatment for people based on any characteristics, but there is, and so people play the game for obvious reasons. It just is.
  3. Labels can be pragmatically useful in 3 ways: 1) Figuring yourself out. 2) Explaining yourself to others quickly and effectively. 3) Gaining social or legal recognition, privilege or status.
  4. Well, being an absolute forum addict Ive now joined yet another LGBT+ forum called empty closets. Hopefully it'll work out fine (I don't get banned from every forum ...), but it's amusing to start the clock ticking and see how long I last.
  5. How very specific, lol . Just remove from existence every being who ever lived ever ...
  6. Lol. I'm drawn to them as a moth to a flame ... I'm an attention whore I went to see Sargon and Milo a while back. I was fairly disappointed, tbh. The protestors were total fakes (I watched one guy get totalled by Sargons bodyguards, while the police laughed, what an idiot), his supporters were just student edge lords, and no one really gave two shits ... I just dont don't get outrage culture. I've had polite conversations with real white supremacists, child murderers, and total fruit loops ... So long as everyone is polite and discusses stuff in a philosophical abstract fashion I can talk to anyone about anything ... But some people just seem to want to get angry for no reason ... Oh well.
  7. Yup. Everyone who disagrees gets banned, it seems. Really weird ...
  8. Here's the link to the thread: https://lgbtchat.net/threads/straight-cis-men.81234/#.Xedlnss5Pow What's also odd is that I was given a perma-ban warning just a few days after joining, after starting the equivalent of 'good looking folk' thread. I was told (in very harsh language, by multiple mods both publically and privately) that it was against the site rules to post photos that weren't your own original photos, and that by posting a photo of a celebrity I was an 'art thief'. What makes this extra weird is that loads of people post non-original photos, memes and gifs on that site - even have celebs as their avatars! I thought they just meant I posted the thread in the wrong sub-forum, but their explanations said 'anywhere on the site' - and besides, why not just move my thread to the right sub-forum rather than instantly threatening a new member with perma-ban so vociferously? Because of this I strongly suspect that they have just been looking for a reason to ban me from the start, either because someone there know me from somewhere else on the web (AVEN?) and holds a vendetta, or else because they don't want objectum-type folk on their site. Very, very suspicious, imho.
  9. LGBT chat banned me. The official reason I received from the site was 'spam', which makes no sense at all. The reason posted in the thread was 'disrespect'. What I think was the real reason: I stood up for white cis het men! But maybe I totally got it wrong and I really did do something horribly wrong. So an outside look might be useful. If anyone gets chance, check out the thread titled 'straight cis men' on the transsexual sub-forum at LGBT+ chat and let me know. Well, that's another site I'm banned from. Gotta love how tolerant LGBT folk are, lol
  10. Banned from yet another LGBT+ site, lol 🙂  Lasted a fortnight.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. downsid3


      They like you to be LGBT+ but they don't like you to think for yourself and have your own opinions. I usually don't have problems in LGBT+ spaces since I don't like conflict and keep my mouth shut when I disagree with someone, but that just means I'm a pushover and that's not really a good thing.

      Sorry you have problems in these "safe" spaces. 

    3. cavalier080854


      Safe places are stupid, there are no safe spaces in the real world outside of Uni/Colleges. Anything can and will be regarded as offensive whatever you say. This attitude is infantalising young adults who should be getting a thicker skin to get on in life.

    4. downsid3


      Eh I don't know if I agree with that, there are safe spaces in the real world, but they are more like in a therapy setting or support group setting, people can talk about their troubles without judgement. But that's really not the same or the point. The reason I put quotation marks around the word "safe" is because I think what people are calling safe spaces, such as a queer resource center, are dumb, and aren't really a "safe" space since you can't talk openly if you don't agree with far left liberal opinions. I mean, I guess I appreciate a space where I can meet other gay people, but I don't like how anyone who doesn't agree with their politics is deemed a horrible person. 

  11. Still hover between 0 and ALL. Oh well, I have no power ...
  12. It would be interesting to see a study of violence in asexual households and see if it's more/less than other partnerships. But I know of no such study. I did hear one analysis of male/female domestic violence, can't say how accurate it is, that noted that women were more violent, but men did far more damage. All abusive violence sucks. Another good reason why hopefully in the future people will be post-humans in relationships with AI robots
  13. My lifestyle probably doesn't help ... Get up at 5:30am, at work for 6:45, get home for 6pm, do some chores, have a bite to eat, get drunk watching TV and internet and bed by 10pm. Recently I started talking to people in RL at the pub most weekends, but that's got a bit dull now because it's basically always the same.
  14. Not really my thing, tbh. Maybe the problem is that I find pretty much everything boring. I've tried a load of hobbies, now bored of them. I think what I want is to be rich and have a glittering array of interesting friends, and spend my time having loads of fun.
  15. In my limited experience the zoomer generation is sick of PC nonsense and are very genuinely tolerant. It's the 25-45 year olds who are mostly driving this stuff, imho. Maybe the future will be better.
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