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  1. Another LGBT+ site is 'investigating' my post asking whether there were any asexuals, fictosexual or objectums on the site.  Getting fed up of this shit.  Aces and objectums are always outside.  Even on LGBT sites.

    1. cavalier080854


      What took you so long to find this out.


    2. Dreamsexual


      It was the cruelty with which they've been dealing with me that really stung.  


      Dragging out the inevitable, provoking me with snide comments and unjust insinuations, trying to get me just to quit rather than them being forced to ban me for having the wrong sexuality.  They still haven't banned me out right - just placed me under sanctions, forbidden me to talk of my sexuality, relationship, situation, use any of the forbidden terms, etc etc.  Death of a thousand cuts whilst they 'discuss' the matter secretly.  I doubt they're doing anything; just hoping I'll fuck off and die.


      The only good thing is that they did acknowledge that asexuality is a real thing.  Just not what I am, or similar.


      I can see why some people hate LGBT+ communities.  They really are spiteful bigoted hypocrites.  And I can't really disagree with that assessment given I've been badly treated by something like almost a dozen LGBT groups now for simply being honest about what I am.

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