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  1. Happy Birthday @cavalier080854 . I didn't know quite where to put it, so here it is.. I thought of a very silly game to play online. "Tig" or "Tag", you touch someone and they are 'It', if you're 'it' then you tap someone else, and they are 'it'... <Tigs @cavalier080854> Happy birthday you old non fucker!!! You're IT !!
  2. Im good thanks @cavalier080854 sleeps still a bit off, but I'm getting there. Kitty is being such a darling.. She's finally started to do things to make me happy, rather than spend the whole time trying to be a sneaky bitch... She's a real laugh..
  3. dire straits - Brothers in arms... Oh you want the videoo.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhdFe3evXpk
  4. Hey rat fans!!!!! (Id anyone here remembers Roland rat, I'd be... VERY surprised... Bin away for a bit, did some.. Y'konw... Actually turned into well.... Something good... REALLY Good.... Keep this to yourselves now... Shhh... Don't tell anyone... I gone done it. I did a thing that I said I would... Got muh self an embroidery machine, So expect some cool threads here soon.. Question for you... If you could have anything embroidered on a shirt / hat / thing? I am just starting a new site for the threads.. I have finally found something that I can physically do, something that's just the right amount of difficult, and I just fucking love it. A way to get out my arty side, and making things I am really proud of. I am kinda learning at the moment, and my attempts to cover some Thai fisherman pants in loads of embroidery has been thwarted twice now as I accidentally embroidered both sides of the legs together making a VERY silly bag DOH !!! Anyway, what I am hoping is that I can have a more healthy relationship with this place, and the other place. Here's an odd one for you.. I ended up in hospital for a couple of days.. I finally got my machine and started using it, and within about 2 hours I suddenly discovered that I finally found something that I can actually do and that I could get back to having a reason to live chucked me in to the most intense emotions, I was swerving about like a drunk driver from elation to utter misery in hours, then minutes, and then I just got fucked up. Ended up on some proper monged out pills. All better now. Oh another thing is that I found the firm in Thailand I ordered from about 4 years ago, and they no longer sell to the UK and the States, but they are happy for me to be their agents over here, and my god their clothes are amazing, beautifully made garments, not exactly daily wear for most people (I ain't most people) It's the oriental style of dress that you might have seen me in, so yeah, it's all kicking off at Grep Central. So chaps, I am not promising anything, but I might have fixed my money issues, and I might be able to invest a bit more in here, and who knows... I am not holding my breath though. I'd love this place to work out but it really needs someone else to come along and take over my roll. I think we can all agree I am just shit at being a moderator, or manager, I'll be glad when I can just come here and chat with everyone without well.. y-know... Any way Hello any of you who are still here.
  5. Sent you a pm

    1. Lord Grep

      Lord Grep

      Oh yeah...


  6. Bad news I am afraid, the licence for the donations section has expired, and it costs £45 to bring it back. I am thinking that it is something we could just do ourselves with a page about donations and the like. However if anyone wants to see the feature back, I would be happy to bring it back if someone else wants to chip in. I am happy to add £20 to the pot if anyone would like to see it. It has to be said that we have only received about £100 via that route in the last year, and most of the regular donations come from people who wish to remain anonymous and who donate directly. I suggest that we just lave that one. What we REALLY need is to raise about £200 for the minimum google adds campaign, and there is no point in that until I have the front end sorted out. Just an additional note to say thank you to all the people who have stuck about. I am aiming to just avoid the conflicts etc that I seem to be really shitty at. What we really badly need is someone who can take this place on, and let me not be the leader, or spokes man to this place, because I am just utterly shit at it. Having said all that, I am still going to do my best to work on this place. I know this place could really work, and I will do all I can to keep this place alive, and active.
  7. I keep hearing two phrases said by people that really should know better, like scientists and the like. First of all "Take it with a grain of salt", this is a phrase is derived from "Take it with a pinch of salt", and is supposed to mean that one shouldn't take something at face value. The intent seems to be by using 'grain' that one really should be sceptical, but it's the addition of salt that makes it better, so "Take it with a bucket of salt" would actually be correct. The next one I just don't know how anyone gets this one wrong. It's the "I could care less". The actual phrase should be "I couldn't care less". The idea is that you don't care about something right? so if you could care less, that means that you care about it, not that you don't. What do you use? Have you ever thought about this before, and do you have any phrases that annoy you?
  8. Hahahhahaa... Yeah, that scared the shit out of me when you mistook the road for a one way street. I am pretty nervous being a passenger, that said you are a far better driver than my Slovak friend, it always feels like his car is doing the driving, and he is constantly wrestling to take control of it. He goes WAY too fast, and is very jerky in controlling it, You missed mentioning that mad overtake you did next to that junction. There were two reasons I panicked one was the blind corner, and that car coming at us, but the reason I nearly threw up was that you couldn't see if there was another car coming out of the junction. If there had been a car turning right, had seen the tractor was turning in, they would have pulled out, and the first we would have known about it would have been magically seeing a car appear coming straight at us, and worst of all they would have been paying attention to their left.. Phewwweeee... Don't worry @cavalier080854 It was really great to see you again. I really look forward to seeing you again. You do a lot of preaching to the choir which can get on my nerves a bit, but I love listening to your stories, It's a real shame it started to rain, I could have listened to your army tails, drank some beers, and watched the cricket all day long. I got you back though with subjecting you to my favourite Czech comedy. Did you manage to understand the ending? I really can't wait till next time, I so hope I get my shit sorted so I can come up and see you next time. I am glad though you got how broken I am in the end. I know some people say "Oh I have a bad back", and they mean "I get a bit sore from time to time", I had someone in the chemists telling me how bad their back pain is, and I am sitting there watching them standing up for more than 30 seconds (they worked in the place, and stood up all day). I gave up trying to explain to people a long time ago what sort of pain I am in, I can't be bothered to play the back pain top trumps. <grin>. Any way I will shut up. I am going to try and be less verbose in my posts. My moto of "Why use 5 words when 20,000 will do", needs to be reassessed.
  9. I keep forgetting you are on their staff @Janus DarkFox . Can I ask why you do work on the staff. Please don't mistake my question as an accusation, or anything negative, I am genuinely interested. What do you get out of being on the team?
  10. Yeah this place isn't an anti AVEN place at all. Just sometimes the subject comes up. We neither support nor restrict conversations that discuss AVEN. As far as I am concerned I am happy for you ( @Joe Parrish ) to discuss and ask for assistance here. Maybe you could mention this place when campaigning <grin>. Not sure how much it would help you though. The problem with letting people say what they want to is that some people get really salty about other peoples opinions. This place tries it's best to be an open forum where we care more about fairness, transparency and actual equality. I am not sure I like the idea of "Promoting" asexuality, I think it would be more accurate to say that anyone is welcome to come here and learn the difficult stuff regarding asexuality. We are more about promoting understanding, and truth, rather than just saying "oww, yes, of cause you are asexual, here have a sticker (or label) and this gives you 5 oppression points"
  11. I wonder if girly furies shave their lady gardens, Or... Do they shave, then attach fluff ?
  12. Hey @Nevyn Welcome to the dark side...
  13. I was just thinking about something and I thought I would share it with you. I know something like this has been said a lot "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me".. When I was a lad, this was something that adults said a lot, and it's sensible. The problem now is that the lefties are now teaching their kids that words are actually violence. The aim (it is said) is to try and stop people saying naughty things, but the opposite is now happening, now kids are being taught that words should be painful, and rather than dismissing insults as being stupid it's actually meaning that the bullies now just have to say something naughty to get their victims upset, and being upset is now seen as something positive, as they get to play the victim, and rather than being taught to be tough, or happy the system rewards those who are the most victimised. I spent my whole childhood being bullied, I don't have a single childhood memory involving other children that isn't when I was being bullied. I blame a lot of this on being brought up in a very similar way, where I was taught never to retaliate, and that words do hurt. I can only imagine how things would have ended up had I been brought up now. Children, especially boys should be taught to be strong stoic, and to no matter what stand up for themselves. I am sure that if my parents had told me what I have told my son "If someone pics on you, publicly stand up for your self, and fight back, sure it's going to hurt that one time you got your arse kicked, but no one will bully you if they know you are going to retaliate". Also I wish my parents had said "If someone insults you, don't try and be clever, just laugh at them, and what ever you do don't show anyone you're upset". Sorry, this post is a bit waffley. I hope you get what I am getting at. Teaching kids to be victims just seems like the height of cruelty.
  14. I'm not that bothered about bankruptcies. If your a business man, and you haven't had some companies fail, you're not really a business man.
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