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  1. Lord Grep


    God I so hope the labour party gets it's shit together. We need to get the labour back to the center, and it needs to care about the working class, and not get side tracked into identity politics. I actually felt so sad that the Liberal Democrats decided to take the "Leave" position. I used to support the libs more than the labour party, they used to be the sensible party that had sensible ideas, like legalising cannabis. We need to get away from policies where the only argument for them is "If you are against it you're Xist". This sort of politics only works in spaces where you can exclude people who disagree with you. The problem with trying to make them mainstream is that every voter gets a vote, and people can do it in secret. The reason that pundits keep getting the polling wrong is that people are now too afraid of saying in public that they disagree with things, or that they will vote a certain way. The left these days have created such a bubble around them that means that someone saying "A large number of working class people have always voted Tory" isn't immediately laughed out of the room. Just how much of a defeat needs to happen before the left starts to ask itself "Is it me who is wrong here"? I want to see an and to austerity, and I want to see a more caring state, and policies that help those at the bottom of society, the problem as I see it is that the focus has turned away from helping those who have the least opportunity in society, the poor, the disabled, and the elderly to those who claim to be the most oppressed, and rather than basing the need on something tangible like income, or education, it's all about fighting for issues, that are not issues. It's not gay people, or trans people, or women that can only survive because of food banks, and it's these people the poor, and the disabled that have been thrown under the bus and told that they should stop complaining that services aimed at helping them out are being given to people who have a choice in being here. It's about time Labour got back to being a party that fights for those for whom labour is the only thing they have to sell. Some people are not suited to university education, and these people should be able to expect a reasonable standard of living, Grrrrrr the whole thing makes me so cross.
  2. Lord Grep


    Fuck me... I thought I would have a look at AVEN to see what they were saying about the UK election. I was interested to see what the hardcore lefties were saying about result. I won't say who said it, but it wasn't one of the usual suspects, it was someone I had a grain of respect for. " I think that, as with everywhere, younger people are more left-leaning than older people (on average). Brexit has exacerbated the effect, because many (most?) left leaning older people are pro-Brexit and thus much more likely to vote conservative than they would otherwise. The relationship between class and political position was never straightforward IMO. Middle class folks of high education (those sometimes disparagingly described as "metropolitan liberal elites") have always tended to be left wing or at least liberal, more often than not. A significant portion of the working class has always voted conservative, though I guess far more so in this election than previous ones. " The part that just blew me away was " A significant portion of the working class has always voted conservative,".. I was hoping that maybe the left would actually get the message that what they are doing isn't working. What I see though is they are even more deluded than they were before. I mean what the fuck has to happen before they get the fact they have lost the argument. How on earth you can look at the demolition of Labour in places where voting tory would get you a beating up until now, where even Borris is saying thank you to all those who lent him their vote, and that there were hands quivering over the ballot paper thinking about their relatives spinning in their graves. I accidently am one of those people. I have joked that if younger me got a time machine he would have punched me in the face. HOW just HOW do you do the mental gymnastics required to think that ANY portion of the working class voted Tory, let alone a significant portion. What has to happen before the left admits that something they are doing is wrong? FUCK I am talking about them like I am not a part of their group. I am a lefty but I can't see a future at all for our ideals while all these people don't see that what they are doing doesn't work, and that the only way forward is to listen to people and accept that their opinions are valid, and they aren't bigoted or stupid.
  3. I don't think any of us here hate anyone based on anything other than the content of their character. I am not even sure I hate anyone at all, lol... I think that way too many people associate a disagreement with ideas with a dislike of people.
  4. I have been thinking and it occurred to me... How stupid are people who insist that if you are against open borders you are racist. It's a bit like being in the USA and saying "I don't like murder", and the response being "You're racist".
  5. God no... I'm done with places that are like "Come here everyone is welcome. We appreciate diversity, and we are a place you can be yourself, and be appreciated". "Oh hi there, My name is Grep". BANNED for being a white, male, cis, straight with an opinion. Oh, and you are not asexual because you don't masturbate or consume pr0n. Foot-Note: It's against the rules to tell someone they aren't asexual.
  6. Lord Grep


    Well.. Bozza get's a BIG mandate to do some Brexit (do ya capitalise it <shrugs>) If it doesn't happen now I don't know what to think. Personally after that I might be tempted to go back to the EU and say "Fellas, this deal, wanna sweeten it a bit cos I've got a parlement that's not fucking about any longer"? To be honest I can't wait for it to be over, and for all this "Everyone is racist" shit to go away. My only worry is that we now have 5 years of the tories. I don't know why, but I trust Bozza more than I have trusted any other Tory leader that the UK has had. He actually seems fairly switched on, and could be more left leaning than B.Liar. Lets just hope that they don't get any bright ideas to privatise anything else. I really hope we can get a trade deal wtih the states. I love my Tech, and tech at USA prices would be fantastic. We'll see I guess..
  7. God thinking about odd stuff is my life. I only recently found a reasonable explanation for why mirrors flip things left right, but not up down. Most of my silly questions I need answers to fast, so I have become a somewhat proficient googler. The biggest question I have is why the time I find something new, and yummy at the supermarket do they discontinue them. I suppose the question that gets me so bad is how on earth people go through the mental gymnastics to side with an idea that is totally contradictory. Religions, political views, etc. How people who claim to fight against hate, hate people so much.
  8. Yeah I agree with this.. AVEN has a role to play, but when your answer to criticism is to just ban ideas you don't like, well, you end up with a very distorted world view.
  9. Been seeing this a LOT lately. It goes like this... > I identify as a trans-queer-gaysexual, and my pronouns are wiz werz, and wobble, and I'm a Feminist socialist. > Ok, that's cool.. I guess I am just me. Call me what you like, Politically I am a Liberal, egalitarian. > Pah, so you are a NAZI then! > No, > Look I get to identify as anything I want to and you have to respect that, but I get to call you whatever I like because you're a Nazi. > Bye... Discuss.
  10. I agree that language opens up new concepts, but labels can be wrong. The "Asexuality" label is wrong, and just about no one agrees on the definition in the first place. I call myself Asexual, but I don't fit all the concepts. The one thing asexuality has taught me is that labels and definitions don't come out of trying to explain something, they come from politics, and a desire to be accepted by other groups. The idea that non-libidonists aren't asexual didn't come from any study, or survey, it came from a spat between groups. The idea that asexuality is a "Born that way", and "Your always that way" came from AVENs desire for funding and support from the LGBT movement. That latter point is incredibly dangerous, and leaves those who change the way they feel feeling like failures, stifles self exploration, and leaves many many people feeling that asexuality is a lie.
  11. I only agree with point 2. You don't figure yourself out with labels, or rather you really shouldn't. Words should be descriptive not prescriptive. I hate the whole oppression olympics, and there shouldn't be any legal or social difference between the way people are treated.
  12. I have had the idea for the longest time that the world would be a very different, and polite place if everyone got to murder 1 person for free. IE you get murder one person in your life without consequence. I don't think murder is the worst thing you can do to someone. I think the whole acid attack thing is about as evil as one person can be to another.
  13. All I want to add is my usual spiel... Sexuality as a whole can be transient. It can come and go for a myriad of reasons. I worry alot about people adopting a sexual label, then using that label as a way of defining ones self. By that I mean that many people feel the need to behave as to their label rather than using a label as a description. You (not you, everyone), should go with the flow, experiment, and not be defined by words. There are no prizes for being more or less asexual, and if you think you are asexual, but get an urge not to be, you should follow your heart, and desires. Asexuality means you don't have sexual desire. It doesn't mean you never will. The whole "Asexuality is a sexuality, and you are born that way" came about because of Politics, NOT reality. Asexuality is as much of a sexuality as Atheists are a faith group.
  14. Oh the joys of the intolerance and hate dressed up as love, and respect. This whole thing doesn't surprise me at all. All these sites AVEN included seem to think that any argument is hate, and pointing out genuine institutionalised bigotry leads not to bans not answers. Sexism is fine when Men are the victim. I know that one first hand after spending a year being stalked, harassed, and abused. What happened to the person that was responsible? They were allowed to fake their leaving, and come back with a new name. AVEN wouldn't even post publicly that the lies told about me weren't true. I had to keep my mouth shut while she kept on lying about me... Oh and racisim is fine when white people are the victim, Transphobia is bad, Cisphobia is just fine. Etc etc etc. I honestly thought that I could find some way to use logic and reason in order to highlight the issue and do something about it. I was wrong.
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