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Ashes of the phoenix

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  1. thinking about my emotions and how they affect me. 

    1. cavalier080854


      Always look at the funny side of life

  2. Define god as something greater that is revered nature is my god. And coincidence lol also society and culture And oh, consciousness. Like how mysterious is that phenomenon? but what is beyond the gods we can see is a great mystery.
  3. Wuhooo Here is a status update... Woop Woop

  4. Guys drop a status message every time you come on the site. Let’s see it MOVE lol

  5. I’m getting my new apartment on Monday yay!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ashes of the phoenix

      Ashes of the phoenix

      Thank you! I'm so excited 😊

    3. cavalier080854


      Hope you have stuff to fill it and to make it feel like home. All I had was my old double bed and a wardrobe from my parents. Everything else I paid for myself.


    4. Ashes of the phoenix

      Ashes of the phoenix

      Thanks.. I don’t have much for decorating but it is furnished.. I feel lucky to have it

  6. Since me first, I guess I’ll ban all of you from banning me. (Ban the poster above you for any reason at all)
  7. I’m thinking we oughta have a place to pour our souls out onto text. I mean um, to share our harmless curious thoughts about life and stuff
  8. This or that buddy bananas or apples?
  9. You have a brain good lord grep. This is a very good thing indeed!
  10. (The ocean is wide meow ) relation.
  11. But I am the winner , send all the points to mee
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