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  1. I'm not offended, and I did laugh, because my experience as a lesbian is so different from the experience described.
  2. Is this what people think being a lesbian is like? Because they're like, way off. No.
  3. Been feeling pretty depressed all night and somehow feeling a lot...lighter? now. Anyway I feel better than I did a few hours ago haha.
  4. It's not easy to stop. Legit I feel like I'm losing my mind. I know it's bad for me but GOD I miss it. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. downsid3


      It's...a bit darker than apple crumble lmao. 

    3. cavalier080854


      Blueberry muffins ?


    4. downsid3


      I wish it was something harmless like that. 

  5. Oops I did it again. 

    1. Dreamsexual


      Oh dear!  All ok?

    2. downsid3


      Not really lmao but thanks for your concern. 

  6. Y'all are cool fam

    1. Dreamsexual


      Thanks 🙂  shame it so slow here

    2. cavalier080854


      Thanks for the respect and endorsement. 🤗





  7. downsid3

    Very Tired

    Up till 4am last night studying for finals, to then get up and go out of town to the dentist. Didn't get much sleep. Found out the dental surgery I need(wisdom teeth removal) will be pretty expensive and I can't afford it any time soon. My mom is getting married soon, and I have to be there, and I have to have enough to travel there. I can't afford a $600 dental surgery right now! Hell, it's more like $3000, but insurance covers some of it. Not all, I guess. They hurt, but what else is new? Guess I'll just tolerate it for another year.
  8. There is a difference between sexual and romantic attraction. You can experience both(most people do), just one, or neither. So, 'asexuality' refers to sexuality only, while the word for lacking romantic feelings towards anyone is 'aromanticism' or 'aromantic'. If you feel neither romance or sexual feelings towards anyone, you are both aromantic and asexual. The attractions aren't dependent on each other. You can be aromantic yet experience sexual attraction, for example. Personally, I experience romantic feelings, but not sexual, so I am asexual, but homoromantic.
  9. If you've lost a loved one, you can talk about them, or the loss, here. Let's all just be there for each other, fam. A year and a half ago my dad died and I still can't believe it. There, that's my story.
  10. I'm sorry you have such a bad experience. I tend to be accepted since I'm homoromantic, but it's always bothered me that other gay people act like asexuality isn't a thing or like asexuals aren't welcomed. I understand that a lot of asexuals don't want to be in the LGBT+ community, but I think that if they want to be they should be welcomed.
  11. -5. As in, I can bring a few people back. Finally I can tell my dad how much I miss him!
  12. So I worked that day, it was day 9 of 9. Then I went to my family's house and had Thanksgiving food, such as mashed potatoes and pies. Then I went to my friend's house, and had pizza and beer. I don't like Thanksgiving really, I don't really think it has an admirable history and I don't like turkey. So every year, I have pizza, then it's less Thanksgiving-like. I hung out with my friend for three hours. Then another friend came to his house, and he asked me to leave. I don't know, maybe he likes her and wanted me to leave them alone, maybe he's sick of me, I don't know. So that was my holiday. Thanks for reading.
  13. I thought I'd be almost 50/50 and I guess that was a close guess.
  14. Gunna wear my black ring to work today 😎

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. downsid3


      Nobody said anything lol

    3. cavalier080854


      People get wrapped up in themselves, so didn't notice, or even care if they did. How about friends ? They care.

    4. Dreamsexual


      I've worn a black ring out and about all day everyday for ages.  No one has a clue what it is or asks, except when they mistake it for a wedding ring.  Lol.

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