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  1. You are totally right. This weird pale short skinny "asexual" woman publicly humiliated me and degraded me in a subtle way there at my friends neighborhood women gathering. It seems as though this groper woman targeted me from the very beginning. I am physically stronger than her. Standing next to me she looks like a midget but she is not intimidated by me. Why? She took on a very dominant personality almost immediately. She also took the initiative in touching me, groping me and publicly humiliating me in a way that made her seem very confident. I totally agree with you. The reality is we are in an era where women are getting just as aggressive if not more than men. They see it as not as harmful because they are the same sex. I don't know. anything that's harassment when a man does it is still harassment when a woman does it. That doesn't change just because it's coming from a different source. In my experience this masculine weird short woman can be especially aggressive. I think that our culture kind of gives her a pass, since homosexuality between women isn't nearly as taboo and a lot of women can get away with being pretty handsy with each other. I don't know why this older short pale woman just decided she can rub my breasts all over with her both hands and grab and slap my butt invade my personal space like that. She is just probably even more bold because she thinks she can get away with doing something like that more than than men can. I've never had men do anything like that.. This weird, creepy, small, older woman was so confident, she almost immediately just placed her hands on me. I have an overwhelming amount of attention from men. As long as I remember….I've attracted men like crazy. Usually, it's always lust is why they are so drawn to me. But I have never been groped by a strange man. Probably because of my bitch resting face. When I have a blank expression people assume that I'm in a bad mood. I mean yeah, I do get pissed off sometimes, but not always. I could just sitting here minding my own business and feel just fine and then someone would ask if I'm alright or if something is wrong. Like, bitch I was fine until you bothered me. People ask what's wrong, but I'm just bored or not smiling. I have never had a man even ask to touch me, let alone do it without permission. I haven't been touched by strange men in a creepy way. No man ever dares to touch me. If he did I would tell him to fuck off. If he did I would scream. If he did I might even report it. I've been told to my face that “at first I thought you were a bitch but you're actually really nice.” More than once. I'm a naturally quiet person, the speak-when-spoken-to type, and I know that it may come off as rude. I’m deemed less approachable, which is a blessing and a curse. Sometimes I do look extra mean on purpose depending on the circumstances (like walking past a large group of people, I get intimidated). I'm actually really nice, accepting, helpful and kind.
  2. Thank you for your response. You are totally right. I think most women gropers don't see what they're doing in those situations as harassment or sexual assault. This might be part of it, but I think another aspect (at least in terms of taking sexual harassment seriously) is based on the archaic ideas that women are not capable of violence, don't seek out sex, and so on. I feel this is why women are not treated as offenders as readily as men. When we women complain about other women sexually harassing us, it is seen as laughable, so we learn to just ignore it or brush it off if we don’t like it. . The catch here and what makes women on women groping different than its harmless: I never once fear for my safety. I imagine other women feel the same and that’s why it’s not viewed as much of a problem compared to women being assaulted/groped by men.
  3. I am a 44 year old married heterosexual woman. My husband and I have been married for 14 years and have a 13 year old daughter! About three weeks ago my friend's first cousin, this skinny really short like 5 ft 3 pale face creepy green eyes thin lips light brown haired with Chin-Length haircut masculine 55 year old woman who i have never met before, moved here in this community. She lives in my friends/her cousin's garage. About a week ago i attended my friends neighborhood women gathering. I was wearing a red long sleeve satin blouse buttoned up to the top ,black satin pants, and 5 inch heels black shoes. I had full make up on. When i arrived, my friend introduced me to her cousin. This pale small woman my friends cousin reached out with her right hand and started patting my left arm in the most awkward way . She said to me " You have a beautiful blouse.I just can’t resist touching and stroking satin fabric because It's just so soft and smooth to touch when rubbing. Wow. You are such a big woman. Standing next to you i look like a midget. " She was in flat shoes and i was on high heels, i am 5ft11 tall and that, coupled with being well built and well endowed( I have very large breasts) , i was really like a giant standing beside this weird woman. She said to me" Wow. You are so shiney. I just can’t resist touching and stroking satin fabric because It's just so soft and smooth to touch when rubbing. Why are you so overdressed? You look so glammed up ". " I like dressing well, and looking presentable. I ’d rather be wearing something i feel good in than look like i just rolled out of bed.I wear high heels every day too.All the time." I answered to her. "I am unemployed and broke. I am 55 year old and I have always been poor. I don't want to die poor. I am practically homeless. I had to move in here in my cousin's garage. ". she told me. She then started patting my back with her left hand and patting my left shoulder with her right hand and commented how soft satin material is. She said "I love this feel . The softness, the way that my hands and slips and slides on the fabric is out of this world. It is not sexual at all. I don't like to wear silk or satin clothes but I just can’t resist touching and stroking satin fabric because It's just so soft and smooth to touch when rubbing." The whole time while we were talking she was patting my back with her left hand and she was patting my left arm and shoulder with her right hand. That bothered me but I didn't know how to say to her don't touch me with out sounding rude. We had the most awkward conversation, like really weird, long pauses. Then this weird small pale woman just placed her both hands on my breasts and started rubbing them for a solid 5 minutes exclaiming “Are these real??! They’re so large!” . Then I backed up and looked at her and she just kept rubbing. So fucking weird. She was patting and rubbing my boobs for like 5 minutes. She was commenting on my breasts. I said to her “Hey! Don’t do that.”. But this pale small weird woman responded "C'mon big woman, I'm: not a guy, we're just girls. Also I am totally asexual. I am fascinated with the size of your boobs " She kept rubbing and feeling up my breasts while she was commenting on them which I didn't knew how to take, should I laugh and play along or be totally weirded out. It was just awkward. I was just standing there stiff as a board while she was feeling up my boobs . I was just standing there kind of awkwardly letting it happen. Then one woman pulled her off and distracted her. Then i went to the restroom. 10 minutes later I just put my purse down on a chair and I was getting something out of it, so I guess I was slightly leaning over? This touchy feely pale woman my friend's cousin decided to just slap my butt with her both hands as she walked past. It was actually audible and in front of everyone but no one even reacted. I just turned around and saw her smiling at me as she walked off. 5 minutes later again she gave me a big, hearty slap on the butt when she was walking past. Over the next hour or so this touchy feely weird pale woman would just grab a hold of my breasts or rub her hands against them or grab my butt whenever she walked past me. I didn't know what to do to get out of it. Practically this weird pale woman touched or talked about my boobs all the time at that gathering and I gave up trying to care. It was easier to be in on the joke than to make a thing of it. Also her story about being broke and living in her cousins/my friends garage made me feel sorry for her and I just unintentionally allowed her to grope me. I was feeling sorry for her and allowing it even though I was like wtf is happening. It was time to leave and this pale touchy feely woman hugged me full frontal and held me her face pressed against my breasts( her face is exactly the level of my breasts) for an uncomfortably long time. I've had to remove myself gracefully after a minute or so. Other women there were weirded out by our behaviour, but they ignored that and said/did nothing as if nothing was happening.I think that the women there were in shock themselves? Some people don’t like to get involved if they feel uncomfortable or not sure what is going on. These women(even my friend her cousin) were pretending that is not happening with confused looks on their faces. Also it was bizarre. Standing next to me this touchy feely pale old woman looked like a midget and I was letting her get by with it. Other people there probably thought that I am okay with it. ? I complained to my friend about her groper cousin, but she says that her cousin is totally asexual and that she is drawn to me because i am tall and I was dressed up in satin clothes. She says that asexual people are touchy feely. She says that asexual people are cuddle maniacs. She says that her cousin is just showing appreciation for my clothes and my height. She just joked I made stupid faces while her cousin was touching me and groping me. She also says that it is hilarious and bizarre that standing next to her cousin ginger groper I look like a giant and I let her get by with it. She even said that groping between women isn't a big deal at all. She was just joking. She is is very protective of her weird creepish cousin. She says that her cousin is just overly sensitive.She is saying that her cousin has been suffering from anxiety and depression for a number of years now. She says that her cousin is too socially awkward and she wants her cousin at the very least to be able to socialize when she has to. She says that her weird pale cousin doesn’t understand what kinds of things aren’t really okay to do/say in social situations, that she thinks that nobody likes her, and has struggled to find enjoyment in anything or have anything ‘to look forward to’. My friend thinks that i am over overexaggerating. My friend says that this pale small woman is total opposite of me, that she is basically everything i am not, and that is why she is drawn to me and she nonsexually enjoys touching me. She jokes that her cousin is not physically threatening to me at all, and the chances that she can actually harm me are virtually nil. I've always had big boobs. I easily had the largest chest in my high school. But I was one of the lucky ones that's never had her boobs grabbed, touched, or jiggled before. This was my first time getting groped. I wanted to know if wanting to touch and grope other people is something common among asexual people or just this weird pale woman's personal quirk?
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