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  1. Just now randomly remembered these videos exist.
  2. Gifs because hot anime guys are even hotter in action
  3. Run away and leave everything behind or get shot. Isn’t government tyranny awesome?
  4. Gloomy


    Yes my taste in music is quite diverse...
  5. Remember, making something illegal and passing laws means you think people with guns, aka cops, should enforce it. I mean I guess cops sometimes use other weapons besides guns, but you get the idea. "I think homosexuality should be illegal and they shouldn't be allowed to raise children" = "If you're gay I will send people with guns to keep you from being gay, and if you have kids I will send people with guns to kidnap them". "I support gun control" = "If you own a gun I don't think you should be allowed to own I will [ironically] send people with guns to take it from you". "I think that Christian baker should bake that cake for the gay wedding" = "If the Christian baker refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding I will send people with guns to force them to bake it or force their bakery to be shut down". "I think women should be forced to go back to traditional gender roles" = "If a woman doesn't want to get married and have children I will send people with guns to force her, and if a private company voluntarily hires her I will send people with guns to force them to fire her or shut the company down". "I think plastic straws should be banned" = "If someone used plastic straws I will send people with guns to keep them from using them". "I think international borders should be closed" = "If someone crosses the border I will send people with guns to keep them from crossing and if someone allows someone from another country onto their private property or hires them to work for their private company I will send people with guns to stop it". "I think drugs should be illegal" = "If you do drugs I will send people with guns to keep you from doing drugs". "I think using the wrong pronouns should be illegal" = "If someone uses the wrong pronouns I will send people with guns to force them to use the right pronouns". "I think people should pay taxes" = "If you don't pay taxes I'll be sending people with guns your way". "I think there should be mandatory national service" = "If you refuse to do national service I will send people with guns to force you". And I'm just over here like, "Look, I'm only gonna use my gun if someone trespasses on my property or tries to harm me".
  6. Gloomy


    So I'm not quite sure if I believe in ghosts. Logic tells me that after death there's just nothing since your brain ceases to function, but one incident does make me question that belief. When I was a little kid, I must have been around 4 or 5, my family and I lived in a rather old house. I remember I had a peculiar friend who was hanging around and spending the night all the time. Her clothes were different and instead of having any typical 90's kid toys she had a rag doll. Eventually we moved away from that house and I never saw that girl again. Recently I was visiting my mom at her house and we started reminiscing and the topic of that house came up. I asked her if she remembered that one girl who was always at the house and spending the night. My mom looked confused and told me I never had any sleepovers while we were living in that house, and that she didn't remember any girl like the one I described ever being around. I thought that was odd, but chalked it up to one of us not remembering things correctly. Human memory isn't perfect after all. My sister chimed in and said she heard there was a murder at that house. My mom didn't believe her since the landlord of that house never told her or our dad that any murder occurred there, but I was still curious, so later on I did some research on that house. I eventually came across an archived newspaper article about that house. My sister was right, there was a murder at that house....multiple murders in fact. The article was dated March 7, 1932. The house had been occupied by a factory worker, his wife, and their three kids, two sons and one daughter. This was during the Great Depression, so of course the factory worker lost his job. He and his family were in danger of losing everything, and this drove him over the edge. So one night he took and axe and hacked his wife and children to death as they slept. After the deed was done he took his shotgun, put the barrel in his mouth, and pulled the trigger. Around a month later the husband's brother became concerned because he hadn't heard from any of them, so he went to the house to check on them and found their rotting corpses. The article included a photo of the family standing in front of that house, which of course was black and white and pretty grainy, but I could still easily make out the people in the photo. The father, the mother, two boys, and a familiar looking girl holding a familiar looking rag doll. I stared at the picture for who knows how long, wondering if that really was the girl or if my memory was just playing tricks on me. Then suddenly I felt a tug on the hem of my shirt, a tug that felt like it was from the tiny hand of a child. I was thoroughly startled and turned around, wondering who the hell could possibly be in my room tugging on my shirt, but I saw nobody. Then I heard a little girl's playful sounding giggle echo in the room.
  7. Gusteau from "Ratatouille" If you're looking for a culinary maestro to hang out with this Halloween, Gusteau is the right person for you! Supportive, friendly, and full of helpful advice, Gusteau is a breath of fresh air.
  8. I don’t remember, but I was only 14 when I had that dream which is funny since I don’t think 14 year olds get sentenced to death.
  9. I don’t think so, my legs are just thin so I have to squeeze them together for my calves to touch. One of my coworkers said those jeans reminded her of punk clothes from the 80’s too.
  10. A black t shirt, black zip up hoodie, and these awesome jeans with these awesome combat boots.
  11. I think some of the clients we have at my work are sadists.
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