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  1. I do vote, but I’ll write in “Harambe” before I vote for another statist. If more people did that then perhaps the state would lose power, which is what I’d like to see, but forcing people to do so would violate the Non-Agression Principle.
  2. North Korea has mandatory voting, but they only have one candidate to choose from. Even if we do get more than one option, if they're all statists and I'm not allowed to write in someone like Adam Kokesh, that wouldn't be freedom.
  3. I’m right handed. I can do a lot of things with my left hand, but I usually favor my right hand. Once in a while I try to write with my left hand and it ends up looking like a preschooler’s handwriting. My dad is left handed, but I don’t think he’s ever said he was persecuted for it, but he was born in the late 60’s.
  4. Gloomy


    Oh yeah, second hand weed smoke. Of course most of the time it was from my stoner family. Yes, when we were hanging out on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve they were actually smoking weed. I also think I might have drank bong water from the bong my parents had on their nightstand when I was like 5. It was one of those weird childhood memories that I'm not sure was a dream or actually happened lol.
  5. I currently have: -3 pairs of Converse -4 pairs of Vans -7 pairs of boots -1 pair of sandals -1 pair of flip flops -3 pairs of dressier shoes in case I need to dress formal or professional, but at my current job we’re allowed to dress casual so I don’t wear them very often. So I have a total of 19 pairs, which more than I realized lol. Upon looking at versions statistics on the internet, around 20 pairs seems to be the average for women.
  6. A couple photos I took a few years ago and then played around with on a photo editor just now.
  7. You can find a lot of pictures of this sign on the internet but this is an actual one I took myself.
  8. I've finally decided to make a character info sheet and used Picrew (since I kind of suck at drawing xD) to make pictures of Lilac Hill. Full name: Lilac Hill Gender: Female Species: Human Age: 29 years old Birthday: Unspecified Sexuality: Technically she’s bisexual, but she’s never had a serious relationship and prefers to be single. Nationality: American Religion: None, which is a little ironic since she often refers to her victims as “sinners”. City or town of birth: Unspecified American suburb Currently lives: Unspecified American suburb Languages spoken: English Native language: English Relationship Status: Single PHYSICAL APPEARANCE Height: 5’7” Weight: 110 pounds Figure/build: Slim Hair colour: Dark brown Hairstyle: Hime cut, lower back length Facial Hairstyle: None Eye colour: Brown Skin/fur/etc colour: Pale Tattoos: None Piercings: None Scars/distinguishing marks: None Preferred style of clothing: T-shirts or tank tops with skirts, dresses. Occasional cosplay. Frequently worn jewellery/accessories: Headbands. Thigh high socks. HEALTH Smoker? No Drinker? Yes. Recreational Drug User? Which? No Addictions: Coffee, killing Allergies: None Any physical ailments/illnesses/disabilities: None Any medication regularly taken: None PERSONALITY Personality: ISFP, Lawful Neutral (before she becomes addicted to killing), Neutral Evil (after she becomes addicted to killing). Likes: Ridding the world of “sinners” (until she essentially becomes one herself after becoming addicted to killing, then she just likes killing indiscriminately), protecting her little sister, coffee, alcohol, art, books, vocaloids. Dislikes: “Sinners”, rude people, crowded places, being overshadowed by her twin brother. Fears/phobias: Getting caught and arrested by her brother. Spiders. Favourite colour: Light purple. Hobbies: Drawing and painting. Reading. Murdering “sinners” and later random innocent people as well. Taste in music: Vocaloid, pop music HOUSE AND HOME Describe the character's house/home: One bedroom apartment Do they share their home with anyone? Who? No CAREER Level of education: High school graduate Current job title and description: Bartender COMBAT Peaceful or aggressive attitude? A very aggressive yangire. Weapon of choice (if any): She can utilize pretty much any weapon that happens to be around. She even used a leek on one of her victims while cosplaying as Hatsune Miku. FAMILY Parents names: Claudia Hill, unnamed father. Are parents alive or dead? Mother is alive, father is dead. Is the character still in contact with their parents? Yes she is still in contact with her mother. Siblings? Relationship with siblings? Twin brother named Cecil, whom she has a civil yet somewhat strained relationship with. Younger 17 year old sister named Lucy, whom she is very protective of and whom is the reason Lilac begins killing "sinners", since her first victim is the man who kidnapped Lucy. Partner/Spouse: None
  9. Welp, here's a problem that polyamorous fictosexuals like me might have. I just realized I wouldn't be able to post in r/waifuism if I had a Reddit account since they only allow one waifu and I have a harem. xD
  10. I have thought that Angelina Jolie could probably play an older version of me. Back when my hair was still brown and curly perhaps I could have been played by Emma Watson or Kristen Stewart (before she cut her hair off). Upon googling “actresses with black hair and bangs” since I couldn’t really think of any, I found out Ksenia Solo in Lost Girl could probably play me if the movie was set now.
  11. I had rabbits when I was a kid and they were all pretty nice. My tuxedo cat has a few unique markings so I don’t want to show too much of him in case someone I know ends up here and finds out a whole bunch of stuff about me lol, but here is another picture.
  12. Here are my babies Sometimes I wish I could have a rabbit too.
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