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  1. Really? I have always been relatively conservative and being a part of three religions and then becoming an atheist really hasn't changed that.
  2. Triptans are very motivating, stimulating, and euphoric substances.
  3. This would be the third reason I want my degree: https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/meteorologist-salary Reasons #1 and #2 are my love for the science and potentially saving lives.
  4. It's actually a reference to a song.
  5. It doesn't leave me hungry again in ~1/2 hour. Maybe it's because I eat different things from fast food restaurants and maybe it's also because I avoid McDonalds. A #15 All Star meal from Hardee's Carl's Junior keeps me full for about 4 hours.
  6. I think a porn coloring book would be more acceptable. I miss summer. The sound of katydids, crickets, owls, whipoorwhils, frogs, and owls at night is so lovely.
  7. Alcohol lowers blood sugar.
  8. IDK how painful a bikini wax is, but if it is as painful as having arms, legs, stomach, and chest waxed, I would take it over shaving cuts.
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