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Lord Grep

The Q&A thread, ask anything, and info about those answering.

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!!RBF||  This is just s draft of a draft.. I have to go and do something else. I'll be back to carry on with this one. 


Our very new Q&A section is a new feature that we are very proud of, even though it really is in it's infancy. The section is moderated by people who really do know what they are talking about, and they are also people who have demonstrated that they can answer questions in an empathetic, yet honest way. 

If you have a question about asexuality that you want an honest answer, ask away.  Our Q&A Moderators have been genuinely chosen specially for the roll because they have a long history within the asexual community, and they are kind, and empathetic people, 

While anyone can answer you, the Q&A section is the most highly moderated, and curated part of the site. We have highly experienced moderators, that will remove answers that are blatantly wrong, or confusing, or that are not respectful. Yes you can tell us a story, and ask "Am I asexual", and someone will do their best to give you an honest answer. 

That question is not what the Q&A section is all about, you can ask anything, and get an answer. We really hope that in time it will become a place where you can get really good answers to your asexual questions. 




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