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Lord Grep

My politics...

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Write here what your political leanings are, and maybe tell other people theirs are stupid... 

I really think a lot of people would be surprised at mine.

First off.. I really don't think I am broadly anything. English liberal maybe.. But I don't agree with all things...

Where to start.

If I was a yank I would have voted for trump, but like so many it would have been a vote against Hillary. Trump is a buffoon, but I would rather someone be in the post who had self interest at heart, and not the interests of the US aristocracy.

I am a firm proponent of global warming, and I have done a lot of research on this fact checking peoples opinions.  I am not sure the predictions of the future are hugely accurate, but it really is something we need to do something about, and I think consumers are actually voting with their dollar. Electric cars are becoming a thing, and the uptake of nuclear is something I am happy to see, Yup nuclear is the green option, and one that if ONLY people would invest in we could make a lot more efficient and safe. Most of the current plants run on tech from the 1950s and 60s.. I mean come on.. We can make this work.

Abortion, I think that mothers have the right to chose, but only up to a point. I am not sure I like abortions, well I don't I think it's miserable, but I am not stupid enough to accuse women of doing it on a whim.

Modern Feminism is just a big fat lie.

I don't care if people want to identify as what ever, I don't care. I will try to use what ever language is asked of me out of politeness. I do object to it being a law that people can tell others how they should be referred to, and I will use the same retort I give when I am angry and someone tells me not to swear "Oh just FUCK OFF, I'll say what the FUCK I want to. No one has the RIGHT to be respected no matter what, and a law that says otherwise is just BS. 

Free speech, is something I feel to be a right, and it's not hate laws that have stopped far right groups propagating in the UK, it's that the majority of UK people want NOTHING to do with actual racists, and bigots. 

Racism in the UK is a lie.. 

Nationalism in the UK is a joke. Sorry, I mean, nationalism in England is a joke.. England is the only country in the world that apologises for it's self. It would be lovely to actually get some national pride back, England has a lot to be proud of. 

EU wise, I am totally a "Leave" voter, and before you call me racist or nationalist please know, I have been married twice both to women who were not from the UK. I have lived for 7 years in Slovakia, I am fluent in Slovak, and I have more IRL friends who are Slovak than not. I also think Slovakia should leave the EU, and I actually think the Czechs might actually be the next people to ask for a referendum. 

What else is there to argue about... Errrr... Oh... I suppose I should chuck in the stuff people might just have to read twice.

I think the idea of a basic income for everyone, and free public transport is something I am for if someone can figure out a way to balance the books. Automation, and AI will mean the end to yet more jobs, and it's about time the dream that machines could and should mean we can work less, and play more is realised. May be two weekends a week? Work 3 days, then have two off..  

I really like the ideas of the Venus project, and their social construction ideas. 

I am not a fan of capitalism for capitalism's sake, but I have no way of magicking a better replacement that can't be corrupted. 

I do think we need a redistribution of wealth, but stealing it isn't the way. I gave actually been in the class that gets taxed highest, and I know why people want more and more money, and I know the fear of having it taken away only too well.

I think anyone stupid enough to want to get marries should be able to do it, but I think they should be able to get divorced in a heart beat.

that.s all I can think about... Feel free to tell me I am wrong,

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Posted (edited)

My political beliefs are Libertarian for the most part. Just keep the government out of both my wallet and my personal life. My economic philosophy is mostly capitalist, except I do think that disabled people should be able to receive assistance. I'm also against bailouts and subsidies since they're socialism for the rich. No more CEO's giving themselves big salaries on the tax payer's dime.

I believe "taxation is theft", specifically income taxes and property taxes. I do not support the government taking money right out of our pay checks or making us pay them to live on our own property. However I would be okay with consumption/sales tax since it's a little more voluntary in nature. Corporations would still be paying since they need to buy a hell of a lot of raw materials for their products and services, and no more tax loopholes for them either. They way I'd run things the government wouldn't need too much tax money anyway. For starters the USA should stop being the world's police. Bringing all of our troops home would save billions of dollars alone.

Another way the government could save money is ending the war on drugs. Stop wasting money on busting and incarcerating people for drugs and let them put drugs in their own bodies if they want to. Prohibition didn't work in the 1920's when alcohol was illegal and it's not working now. Prostitution should also be legalized, thus making it safer for both the prostitutes and the clients, and above all allowing people to do what they want with their bodies and their money.

My overall opinion on abortion is probably quite callous to some people. I support it until the 24th week and have absolutely no moral qualms about it. To be honest I'd probably have one myself on the 0.00001% chance I ever got pregnant. Someone could artificially inseminate herself and then have an abortion for all I care, I'd just think it would be a silly waste of $500.

I support free speech and yes to hell with hate speech laws. I also think cussing, nudity, etc. should be allowed on the TV/radio.

I think it should be perfectly legal to own and carry(open or concealed) not only guns but also knives, ninja weapons, etc. I guess I'd draw the line with things like sulfuric acid or missile launchers.

Edited by Gloomy

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I like the way you roll @Gloomy especially the drugs stuff. I mean the world would be a way better place if you could get drugs on prescription. By that I mean go to your doc and say "I want to try x", and the doc says "cool, but these are the things you need to watch out for". That way you would get educated drug users, and you would get to talk to someone with a brain about how to safely take drugs, rather than a skinny guy with hep c ripping you off with cut gear fucking you over every time you fancied a bit of escapism. 

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Update since I’ve recently become and anarcho-capitalist: Abolish the state. No more taxes, period, because there would be no more government to give it to. No that doesn’t mean people would be allowed to murder each other, the NAP would still be a thing. Besides, if you really want to stop murder and violence then abolishing the state is the way to do it since the government has more innocent blood on its hands, both American and foreign, than any serial killer. Dare I say, I’d rather deal with some random maniac than a tyrannical government that can wipe us all out with the push of a button.


No, that doesn’t mean poor and disabled people would be SOL. There would still be voluntary charities available.


No, that doesn’t mean corporations will take over with a big monopoly. The government is what causes monopolies with all the regulations that make it to where only the rich can afford to have their own businesses.


I’ve seen some people say, “But humans are stupid so they need regulation”. Agreed, humans are pretty stupid....so why would you want a group of humans to have unchecked power over your life, your body, or your property?

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Anarcho-capitalism is a step too far for me. 


My over-arching principle is that the best form of government is 'whatever maximises practical individual liberty' for that time and place (so there isn't a 'best' form of state - just a what's best for us here and now).


But the most difficult word in that principle is 'practical'. 

For example, I have more practical freedom being in state with lots of laws, but also lots of material prosperity, safety from crime, opportunities for expression etc than, say, in a 'state of nature' where there is literally no state and no laws but I have to hunt my own food, watch my back constantly, and will likely die by the time I'm 30.


I suspect that total removal of the state would reduce this 'practical' element for too many for it to maximise liberty.

This is why I'm that most rare of beasts - a left-libertarian. 🙂

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I used to think that anarcho-capitalism wouldn’t be a good idea, but after educating myself more about what an anarcho-capitalist society would look like, clearing up the misconceptions I previously had of it, and letting go of the idea that the government somehow has special powers, I came to the conclusion that anarcho-capitalism is the most logically consistent political philosophy. A couple videos I’ve enjoyed on this subject: 





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On 3/13/2019 at 4:07 PM, Lord Grep said:

And the uptake of nuclear is something I am happy to see, Yup nuclear is the green option, and one that if ONLY people would invest in we could make a lot more efficient and safe. Most of the current plants run on tech from the 1950s and 60s.. I mean come on.. We can make this work.

It's always refreshing to hear another person talk like this.

My politics are all over the place and I will post on them soon.

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Again, I am sorry for double-posting, but I cannot edit my posts after a certain period of time.

Socially, I am pretty libertarian. So long as the way someone lives does not hurt anyone, the government should involve itself. Only regulations which truly do protect the environment, consumer, and worker should be in effect. Minorities, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people should be protected, but their protection should foster true equality and not harm those who are not minorities. I am very pro-second amendment. I believe it's a person's right to protect themself from criminals, including those within the government.


Fiscally, I am for lower taxes through having small government. That being said, however, I am 100% in favor of single-payer healthcare and college education on the government's dime. There are two caveats to having the government pay for education: 1. Academic performance must be good and 2. The area of study must be one which will benefit society and or one which will be very likely to net the student a job after college. I am also in favor of publicly funded infrastructure, but I also like "P3" (public/private partnerships) wherein part of the cost of infrastructure is paid for publicly and another part is paid for by private companies


With regards to military and war, I am non-interventionist. The U.S. should heed Washington's advice to avoid foreign entanglements. If the U.S. truly is at risk, then sure, wage war. Otherwise, we should mind our own business.


Where the environment is concerned, I am much more about the carrot than the stick. The government should encourage and incentivize better sources of energy like nuclear power, hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar. The government should also incentivize the development of mass transit and other things which helps the environment. As much freight and as many people should be moved by rail as possible, especially electrified rail. Around town, many more people should bicycle and walk for transportation and electric cars should be chosen over internal combustion engine cars. Internal combustion engine cars should be fueled by biodiesel, natural gas, and propane. Jet aircraft should be run on biodiesel as much as possible. Large ships should be powered by marine nuclear reactors. We should greatly increase energy efficiency and trees should be planted everywhere possible. Harmful substances should be handled and disposed of responsibly. Invasive species should be managed and endangered species protected. Whatever can be recycled should be.


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