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Good Looking Folk

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There was a thread on AVEN where people put up photos of people they fancied, I mean 'found aesthetically pleasing' (lol) ... I like looking at images of good looking people/things ... Should we do the same here?



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Just now, LightUpTheNight said:

@Dreamsexual I love her androgynous style. I have never seen anyone that looks so cool with blue hair.


Yeah, Billie does blue v. Well.  Not easy colour to pull off.

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15 minutes ago, MorganaPendragon said:

I love German beers especially weissbiers, but I also really like kolsch style beer, helles style, and marzen.


Me too .... But that wasn't what I meant 😉


Beer bottles tend to be too masculine for me ... But I do like the look of some whiskey bottles.  Quite feminine and attractive.  #objectum goggles. 🙂

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