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I got an automated phone call saying that my internet access will be terminated at the end of the day (despite the fact I have an unlimited internet limit)

and it put me on hold. Probably to inflate my phone bill whilst doing so. I promptly hung up.

If they were going to terminate my internet then they would communicate me via e-mail/

So, it is spam in this case. Unless it is real, then I will be gone tomorrow.

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I was in Tesco restaurant at lunchtime and the place was approx. 80% full with a queue waiting to be served. But I noticed that when people finished their meal they promptly put their dishes and trash on an empty table, leaving their table empty, and just sat ! Really, added to the tables where people just left (there was no place to take dishes, that had gone to the dishwasher) there was an ever decreasing number of tables to sit at..The staff had only 2 up front, 1 was taking orders and the other was serving the meals, with clearing them way down on the list.

What is wrong with people, keep the debris on your own table. This leaves following diners a place to sit and not look for an empty table with debris.


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