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Should you help people and tell them the truth about someone?

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I was thinking, does whistleblowing really serve a purpose?
Because think about it.
Instead of international politics think of some workplace or family situation where someone everyone thought to be "honest" turns out to not be what they appear after someone blows the whistle on them
Or they get exposed or something
If you look back, you realize there have always been signs
It's just that people like that are really good at charming others
Or they enmesh themselves in whatever circle they have and you can't get rid of them without considerable disturbance.
Or they make key people dependent on them somehow.
If someone blows the whistle more often than not what you will have is, even if something happens, that person now becomes a target. If they want to prevent similar people from pulling stuff in the future it will be more difficult
More likely than not the dust will simply settle and people will turn a blind eye to things
In the end, regardless of the outcome, it doesnt address the problem.
And the problem is not that evil people exist because those, the real sociopaths, are a minority. A very small one. The problem is people who believe and/or enable them.
They are either very weak willed or just dumb.
Now imagine you can open their eyes. With dumb people what you have to do is insist a lot, waste a lot of time, and take the risk of them doing something dumb and screwing you over. With enablers, the only way is to convince them it's more beneficial to side against this person than with them.
Either way, even if you get rid of the sociopath, these people won't be made any smarter, stronger, or aware because of it.
If anything, they will just be more weaker because their weak behavior got them noticed and "saved" by someone.
Because they are weak and not very intelligent, they will easily turn on you if someone is good with words, because they think emotionally, or if they are more rational they will just go for whoever they think is "stronger" than you, so to speak. Even if you have a temporary setback, even if you have potential, it doesn't matter. They are prone to pick the wrong side. It's all about appearances.


My point is, is it really worth it to save weak or naive people from their weakness/naivete? Some people may be simply young and foolish and may be reasoned with but this isn't the case for all of them. When does it compensate to help someone?

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@Dreamsexual A former AVEN admod told me a bunch of things about the way it works. Everyone knows it's corrupt, everyone knows older members are privileged, they even told me what kind of bs excuses they give for not punishing repeat offenders.

And yet, people are either stupid enough to eat this up, or don't care, or want power and join in on this.

In a place like this you either join them or you don't. Not much future on AVEN for people who don't want to enable that sort of thing but it really makes you think.

What if it wasn't AVEN and it was some sort of psychotic cult you were stuck into? How to thrive in a corrupt place without getting your hands dirty by enabling certain types? At the same time siding with the membership is mostly unproductive, maybe it's the particular demographics.

In this case, "if you can't beat them, join them" feels like admitting you can't protect yourself, if that makes sense. That bothers me. I think a lot about this sort of thing.

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I honestly dont know the correct response.  Ethically, I guess the thing is to tell people, provide evidence, allow them to make up their own mind, and move on without becoming part of the problem.  And yes, I guess there's a degree of cowardice, or at least accepted powerlessness, to such a response.  I mean, if one was powerful they'd just sort out the issue all on their own.  It'd be nice to be superman, lol.  

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On 8/2/2019 at 9:25 PM, LightUpTheNight said:

@Dreamsexual A former AVEN admod told me a bunch of things about the way it works. Everyone knows it's corrupt, everyone knows older members are privileged, 

According to Intersectional Politics, the old are oppressed by the young, so not privileged. Rember the intersectional oppression wheel is diagram. So BS on that according to Intersectionality.

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