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Hi people,


As some of you might be aware we have had an issue with spam of late. This was caused by a new "Feature" that was not highlighted in the last site upgrade. It basically meant that people not registered could just type in any old email address and post. A really shitty move by Invision. It took me more than 4 hours to sort it and find the issue, as all the permissions look exactly the way they should, there was little to no documentation on the subject and even trying to search though the Invision sight lead nowhere. 


The long and short of it is that it's been fixed. 


I will be handing control over to @cavalier080854 so if you find some spam or the like then please flag it, @cavalier080854 will get notified, and he's happy to sort it out. 


There are a few other things I have to sort out, so I will be about for the next few days, so anyone wanting to get hold of me please message @Lord Grep . I will write another post with the latest news a bit later. 


Thank you so much for bearing with me...



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