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Pride Parades

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In a Joey Sarson vlog on a Chicago Pride event (which was after a VOX debate). Blaire White said that Pride Parades are just an event where straight people sell Rainbow stuff to LGBT+ people.

I also add the observation that Straights stare at the LGBT community. Sometimes in disgust at some of the more brazen display of overt sexuality, luckily this trend is not as open as they are in California etc.

So what are your thoughts on Pride Parades ?


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I have many thoughts, possibly contradictory:


They are now, in many parts of the world, highly commercialised events where lots of people/ institutions/ businesses/celebs can make money, promote their brand, and virtue signal.


For many they are also little more than a big party, like St Patrick's Day or Halloween, with a large overtone of socially accepted public sexual licence and a very carnivalesque atmosphere.  A good excuse to dress and act outrageously in public for fun.


For some they are an opportunity to explore certain sexual fetishes and act in a predatory fashion.


For some it simply a chance to personally virtue signal.


For some they are an important historical, political and social act which reinvigorates, commemorates and generates cultural acceptance of sexual (and now gender and other) variation.  Or to raise awareness of issues in other parts of the world.


For many they are part of an important personal psychological journey of self-exploration, coming out, and self-acceptance.  Or as a statement of solidarity with family or friends going through such a journey.


For some they are also a chance to exercise gate-keeping power and exclusionism; a chance to feel empowered over done other group.


Personally, I would now prefer that it was accepted that for the West, Gay pride qua Gay pride was largely obsolete, exclusionary and divisive, and that it was replaced with a single 'human sexuality, gender and identity variation toleration carnival day' where every sexual, gender or related lifestyle/identity celebrated itself, sold merch and paraded etc as a symbol of liberal cultures acceptance of all variety (over the line of informed consent).  Government institutions would have nothing to do with promoting it (the state shouldn't support any political ideology beyond national defence and liberalism itself), so no rainbow flags on gov buildings or schools etc, and there's no need for gay history month and the such like.  There'd be no such things as 'allies' since hetero/straight pride would be just as valid and celebrated as poly-pan-objectum-trans-pride etc.

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