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LGBT Acceptance

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The highest acceptance rating for LGBT is amongst Millennials 70% (I cannot find any ratings for earlier generations), but Gen Z (reputedly the most conservative) the acceptance rating is only 50%.

Why is this, when Gen Z is probably the most tolerent and Liberal of all the Generations and has history to look back on.

My generation (Boomer) has watched the decriminalisation of Homosexuals 1967, entitlement to join armed forces 2000, equal rights under the law 2003, civil ceremony 2005, marriage 2015.

What is there left to legislate for ? Acceptance ? Can this be achieved by legislation (I don't think so). But by the slow assimilation of the LGBT people amongst the straight community, segregation will only bring suspicion.

Let us face it, LGBT is main stream, companies are pandering to it (pinking) governments acknowledge it and legislate for it. LGBT activists are accepted into local, regional and national levels of legislature.

The LGBT activists are so entwined with LGBT that they cannot let go that equality has been achieved (in so far as the law will allow). The definition of the LGBT community has been stretched to include things which have never been considered as part of the LGBT community (BDSM etc, so this means that straights into BDSM can be part of LGBT, same with furries {sorry @Janus DarkFox} and rubber/leather etc). this will never end. The LGBT definition will expand ad infinitum so equality can never be achieved.

To hear activists speak, things are worse than they have ever been. Really !!! Gay bashing in the 60/70/80s involved fists and boots, not just bad words and hurt feelings. A Trans activist in USA found so little discrimination against trans, she had to torch her own house to prove it (but was found out and suffered for it). Stop making fake crimes to fit a narrative, this means that real crimes against the LGBT community will be drowned out (the boy who cried wolf comes to mind)

Do the LGBT community face discrimination, absolutely, but, it is not as frequent as is made out.

Most people take a laid back approach to what other people get up to, so long as it is consensual and does not infringe on another persons rights and liberty.

Remember the religious cake maker and gay rights case. The law does not rank one right over another, all are on a level field. If the cake maker does not want to decorate a cake , then take your business elsewhere and let others know, let market forces apply. Do not do an Oberlin College witch hunt.


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Activists are really ramming LGBT agenda down peoples throats, regardless of the consequences. Familiarity breads contempt which us what has happened to Gen Z.

Pride events have gone from a march, to a day long event, to a weekend, to a week, to the present Pride month (which has spilled over to more than 2 months, but as it is the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, I'll give it a pass for this year). This is too long for most people, even the LGBT community, people tune it out so the effect is watered down and counter productive.

There is no pleasing the Activists, Sainsbury did an LGBT sandwich and donated 20p to LGBT causes which is a good thing. Nope, the terminally butt hurt were offended and called it pandering (which is true), damned if you do and damned if you don't, people need to realise that the fight is over on a societal level and pack up their bags, leaving the issues on a personal level.

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lgbt organisation is a huge fund raiser for it's own cause, just like charities, just like unions, just like metoo, just like blm. They all need a bogeyman enemy to keep the percieved threat going to keep the donations from people and organisations, keep coming in.

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