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Equal Opportunity or Equal Outcome

Opportunity or Outcome ?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is better/fairer ?

    • Equal Opportunity
    • Equal Outcome
    • Don't know

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With the push for equal representation of everything, is this fair and equitable ? The two cannot exist together equally.

For me outcome means the reduction of standards to the detriment of society and education.

It should be born in mind that this push seems to exist where males predominate, there seems to be no push (even hostility against) in female dominated areas (education, nursing etc).

If you want outcome then it must apply in all areas, not just some.

In politics in UK, Labour requires 2 out of 3  people be female to be put forward for being a constituency candidate.  (blatant sexism and against the law). All this to ensure Labour candidates are 50/50 between the sexes. What if this fails, will it be 3 out of 4 ?


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Equal outcome is impossible, and trying to force it creates more problems than solutions, IMHO.  Difference is inevitable, even desirable (I want people to be better than me, not equal).


In public sector - pure meritocracy.

In private sphere - personal liberty.

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Social justice warriors have created much of the inequality because they ignore reality

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