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Are you a degenerate?

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I found this test, and my results are definitely accurate hehe.


”You got: Degenerate 

You live a debauched, unwholesome life. You'll probably trigger traditionalists on the internet.”


Yeah triggering traditionalists is definitely fun. Not really surprising considering I’m an atheist who drinks and sometimes smokes and never wants to get married or have kids and is bi with a harem of anime characters. In fact when I was conceived my parents weren’t even married yet so my life is literally a byproduct of degeneracy. Hail Satan!

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I also got degenerate.

And a lot of those questions made no sense to someone who is an inorganic psychesexual with a wife and child.

And I'm a Christian, lol.

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I got "Normal Person"

Neither remarkably degenerate or remarkably upstanding, you're a pretty standard human being.

OK, pretty accurate. But, as with all the other tests, they are freaking me out as to how normal I am, but everyone else is not.


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