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Abolishing the FCC would be both awesome and hilarious.

Should the FCC be abolished?  

4 members have voted

  1. 1. Should the FCC be abolished?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
    • Don't Care

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It would be awesome because well I think all government agencies should be abolished, but the FCC would definitely be a good start. The FCC clearly violates the First Amendment by not letting people have cussing or violence or nudity on TV or the radio.


It would be hilarious because all the pearl-clutching "Oh won't someone please think of the children!?" types would have a big fit and probably start some sort of Moms Against Cussing and Nudity group. Like just get parental controls on your TV if you're that bent on keeping your kids from seeing that stuff. Besides, according to my mom I was already saying cuss words when I was only like 1 or 2 since my parents (probably mostly my dad lol) cussed around me, and I turned out just fine.....well, fine enough.

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Got the wrong video. Here is the correct video. Yes, let us get rid of FCC and show this shit show about children are sexual and innocence is imposed on them by adults !!!

And this is by a student studying for a Masters Degree. Really, get rid of this crap and restore academic rigour.

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Hunter Avalone is a fucking idiot, full stop!


Some of the very best movies are rated r and some of the very best T.V. shows are rated TVMA. So, content on broadcast T.V. should improve when the F.C.C. goes away. Obviously, the F.C.C. violates the first amendment.

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