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What does Queer mean ?

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Well here is the shit show which tried to answer the question of what Queer means.

Firstly Arielle is the worst moderator on earth. "Look up on Wikipedia".

All of people identifying as Queer cannot say what it is. The closest was Donnie (Trans Male) comes the closest to what it could be. The Queer people shut down the question with the concept of Privilege (Arielle should have shut that down, all it does is produce frustration).

I do agree that there are too many letters in the LGBT, it should go back to the original concept of sexual orientation only. if you are Queer then in some instances (BDSM, Furries, Leather etc) are not just the prerogative of LGBT but the straights as well.

This also included the inclusion of politics (Cultural Marxism) within the LGBT world. Keep politics out of the bedroom.

It should also be noted that the question of what Queer is, is left unanswered, Brandon tries to bring up this, but is shut off.

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Queer just means 'outside the norm', doesn't it?


In sexuality terms most often associated with gays (originally as a slur, but then re-appropriated, so now technical like queer studies), but now not limited to gays (so my relationship with my wife is classed as a queer-platonic relationship, even though we're both hetero(-ish)


Just another word that is subtly evolving and changing meaning ... Like most words.


Regarding 'should LGBT+' reduce back down to sexual orientation then I have three points to make:

1) You'd still get the arguments as regards what is an orientation - asexual? objectum? - so it'll likely be LGBA and arguable

2) The inclusion of T changed everything and took it away from orientation.  I can't see T wanting to leave now.

3) Why reduce when you can increase, remove the acronym, and just say 'all sexualities that don't cross the informed consent line are just fine - yay to they all!' and be done with it?  As human sexuality is so complex, and varied, and evolving with culture, there's always going to be new letters and stuff - why not just cut to the chase and include everyone as an individual with no special rights or discriminations for anyone?

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