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Is the Queer community destroying the LGBT community ?

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Anybody noticed that when the LGBT activists talk about the LGBT community they have stopped talking about sexual orientation and instead talk about the Queer community ?

Speaking personally, being in the Queer community means being ultra woke, university educated, into pronouns, social construct theory and the 100 genders ideology (taken to its ultimate conclusion, if there are 7 billion people, there are 7 billion genders), as well as self identification.

With Contrapoints, AKA Natalie Wynn (the left wing idol) being de-platformed for daring to say that just because you say you are transgender doesn't mean you are one. Which I agree with, this trivialises a very real condition and makes it seem like it is a choice (which it doesn't).

These woke queers have nothing to complain about, coming from middle class families, educated etc, but in todays oppression Olympics, being in a marginalised group has real currency, so seem to have latched on to it with no basis in actual reality.

I am for anyone being what they want, but when you demand I conform to your reality against my own, then we have a problem.

When someone is being uncivil to me but expect me to change and be civil about it, then we will  have an ideological fight on our hands.

Where are the Trans activists in all this ? Nowhere in sight as usual, their ideology prevents them from condemning this as it would be transphobic. Instead we have the actual trans community speaking up for the trans against the (in the old parlance, trans-trenders.

It is also a fact that they have also attacked the gay and lesbian community as well, should the Queer community be removed as incompatable with the real of the LGBT+ community.

I have put here various commentators views on the Queer v Trans issue.


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Generally, if you spend your life talking and insisting on pronouns, You are a fuckwit. You will die alone because even rescue cats are fed up with that bolloxs and will not want you as an owner.

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Ooohhhh ...mega provocative 🙂


I tend to find that all shit can be reduced to two simple principles:


a) let people live as they want; private businesses do what they want - libertarian mode on


b) in personal dealings, sincerity is the only criteria - if someone genuinely thinks X, y or z, is the best descriptor of themselves the im cool to respect that regardless of whether or not I disagree.  My Disagreemt will always be couched in polite, disinterested, philosophical terms as best as I can manage.  If someone uses terms just to be a prick, then they will get me being very nasty back.


In all honesty LGBT+ has run its course.  Everything is now fine, pretty much.  Be who you are, deal as best you can with the inevitable bigotry and shit regardless, and treat individuals as fellow travellers to the grave.  Be nice and kind and all that stuff.

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