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In this thread it is for people to post what trivial things activists are complaining about,

There are many legitimate things which activists can campaign about, such as child exploitation, sex trafficking etc. But activists seem to campaign about non issues or trivialities, the low hanging fruit concept. Minimal effort, minimal outcome.

It can be about anything from anywhere in the world. This should be very productive.


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First up is the Pink Ribbon campaign.


On BBC Radio 2 on Thursday 7th November, a female activist was complaining about the pink ribbon. Why, because pink is too pretty and fluffy and nice and does not reflect the severity of breast cancer. Never mind that it has been accepted since 1992 and is universally accepted across the globe and a force for good and has raised millions for a worthy cause. N.B. it also affect men, though to a much lesser degree.

In the complaint, we heard the usual  terms, pink is for little girls etc. but what was very telling, she never says what colour she will accept as representative for cancer awareness. The cause already has exclusive rights to the colour pink, give me another colour which will be available for exclusivity.

Yet another activist which is complaining about a non issue.

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