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Are Asexual Males the Perfect Companion for Transexual Females ?

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Long ago, approx. 35 years, I was informed that as Trans Females proceeded along their path their sex drive disappears, to the point of almost non-existence (what do you expect, it is in effect chemical castration). All this came back to me whilst watching a Blaire White video where she mentioned the same thing, but added that as her libido decreased, her partners sexual interest increased.

Yes, even with no sex drive a trans woman can still have sex, and could and would do it for her partner.

So, it made me wonder, provided all the compatability issues match between the two..... would the perfect match for a trans woman be an Asexual Male (or female if that is the way they go). After all, most Aces like a cuddle rather than sex. Aces when they have sex, do it to please their partner, same as Trans Women.

What are your thoughts on this matter ?

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I've never been  fully convinced trans are asexuals. They have a huge roller coaster of emotions, almost half regret going through the transition and suicide is high amongst trans


I believe most who go near the asexual networks, find a pause place and rather than being asexual, they have some characteristics that align with asexuality in some parts


The other part, 35 years ago trans genuinely meant trans, those who were transitioning fully from one sex to another, now you are more likely to find someone calling themselves trans but will never transition


Are asexuals perfect partners for trans? I'd say no given many trans are sexuals and not asexuals

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Trans sex Females are most likly to be still sexual with libidos so most likly not.  There's a thing that Trans fems are quietly even considered cis het males, but with AGP Fetish, Autogynephila my god Ive stumbled on a reddit rabbit hole with this trans denial bullshit with the MtF = Cis het males with AGP, I'm practically trolling in these.  These Guys with 'Girldicks' and Transbianism' apparently see an improvement in libidos during and after transitioning.


This is a callback to what I've dealt with in my fetish community management days providing services for such 'furries with fetishes' and a stark contrast to my own lack of libido before even my own transition.

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